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HAVEN (Kingdom of)

Location: Southwestern rim of the floating continent of Alphatia, west of Vertiloch, south of Shiye-Lawr and Stoutfellow, fronting the Aaslan void. HW

Area: 245,424 sq. mi. (635,650 sq. km.).

Population: 895,000, including Dovir (pop. 15,000). [Population figures are tentative, pending census. Ed.]

Languages: Alphatian (Aaslan dialect).

Coinage: Alphatian Standard: crown (gp), mirror (sp), judge (cp). Haven mints platinum frescoes and electrum medallions as well.

Taxes: 15% income tax on everyone of servant status or higher. Slaves are counted as the property of the owner and the product of their labour is taxed as income for the owner. Additional surtaxes are imposed on sale of art, but not art supplies.

Government Type: Monarchy, member of the Alphatian Empire.

Industries: Agriculture (grains, fruits, vegetables), art and artistic education, cattle and sheep.

Important Figures: Kryndylya (Queen), Mylertendal (Famous Artist).

Flora and Fauna: See Alphatia.

Further Reading: Dawn of the Emperor boxed set, previous almanacs.

Description by Zweibelterm.

Haven is the most elegant jewel in the constellation of Alphatian kingdoms. Even in its current marred state with Aasla in ruins, Haven shines more brightly than any other nation. Haven is my home, and I am born of Aasla, but there are none who with justice can contradict my description of my fatherland, as all who visit it will be impressed by its natural beauty, the splendour of its artistic decorations, and the social order which makes this flourishing of art and magic possible in the first place. The refined and sophisticated tastes of Haven's discerning aristocrats is renowned across the world. Crumbled Vertiloch and rustic Alphas'ar may claim to be the heart and soul of Alphatia, because they are (or were) the seat of the imperial government, but all who visit Haven know that their claims are empty, for we are Alphatia's true heart and true soul. Whenever anyone thinks of Alphatia, Haven is the first nation that comes to their mind, for Haven is Alphatia. [I find Zweibelterm to be a bit too fascinated with his home nation here, but I can scarcely deny that Haven is a major source of artistic expression in Alphatia, though I find it quite odd that he fails to mention the wizard Mylertendal who has kept alive the love for the artistic here and helped it grow in the last three centuries. Since Mylertendal is a known follower of my own Immortal patron, Alphatia, the people of my order have heard much of her and have the greatest respect for her and her achievements. Still, the philosophies of Alphatia have spread to all nations of the empire, and Haven hardly has a monopoly on the arts as Zweibelterm seems close to suggesting here. Aasla, before its sad destruction, was not quite as beautiful or marvellous as Sundsvall, for example, although it was remarkable for another city to be such a close second in splendour to the imperial capital, and I'm not trying to belittle the achievements of the people of Haven, just point out that their achievements are not quite as unique as Zweibelterm comes close to suggesting. Aritmanes.]

Haven is large, but not unpopulated as is Foresthome. Haven's population is large, but not crowded as in Stonewall. Haven's people are refined, not rubes like Frisland or coarse like Randel or insolent like Stonewall. Haven is the perfect epitome of Alphatian civilisation. This is why the envious and nasty Glantrians destroyed our brilliant capital of Aasla first. None the less, a new capital now rises at Dovir, inland from the precipice of the continental rim, at the confluence of the Alphas and Ast Rivers.

Haven's towns and country estates are all decorated in the style of Alphatian art, its industrious labourers till the lands of Haven's plantations, producing a surfeit of produce which enrich their masters, thus allowing both art and magic to be studied to their highest peak in all the world. Even the streets of Haven are constructed in artistic patterns, as if they were a mosaic.

Alas, one scar blights Haven's beauty-a reminder of the crude and cruel barbarism of foreigners. Glantrian dogs, envious of our achievements, did burn the most exquisite of cities. Aasla is now a charred necropolis of ash, broken walls, shattered statuary, and decaying corpses. Aasla, placed as it is on the rim of the continent, a port where there is no sea, will likely not recover. Especially since so many of its inhabitants are dead or scattered. But Alphatian power and pride is unquenchable-as I said, a new shining city is being constructed at Dovir. Aasla will remain an example of the destructive wickedness of barbarous people, while Dovir will show what Alphatians are made of.

Don't Miss

The queen's castle, located halfway between Dovir and Aasla, rivals and I would say even surpasses the imperial palace in splendour and artistic beauty. It is covered in statuary, gilding, ornate flourishes, gleaming spires, frescoes, mosaics, and other art.