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Historical Dead NPC's of Mystara, Part 2

by The Stalker

Hervard the Hunter, Ranger of the North (presumed dead). Hervard was an exceptionally secretive ranger northern lands such as Wendar and Norwold. There are many legends of how he saved various villages from attacks by monsters such as giants, dragons, or orcs or other humanoids. Some legends say that he helped repel several invasions from Denagoth against Wendar. However, it is possible that these deeds were performed by different people, as Hervard must otherwise have used many different names in order to conceal his identity, though many sages speculate that that is exactly what he did. Generally, there is a great dispute between human and elven scholars about whether Hervard was a human or an elf, as he makes significant appearances in the history of both species. Though some human scholars have offered the consensus that Hervard was a half-elf, the theory is utterly denied by elven scholars. Nobody actually knows whether Hervard is actually dead, though it is generally assumed as it is many decades since he made any known appearances.

Holly Journeyfoot, Halfling Heroine of Ierendi (dead). Holly Journeyfoot was a halfling thief who was imprisoned in the Thyatian penal colony on the main island of the later Kingdom of Ierendi. She became a heroine of Ierendi's history when she helped drive out the Thyatians who have invaded Ierendi and claimed it as a part of the Empire. Though the greatest part of Ierendi's victory over Thyatis can probably be attributed to the wizards of Honor Island, it is still heroes like Mad Cleeg and Holly Journeyfoot who are best remembered by the common people of Ierendi.

Francino Markone, Darokinian Warrior (dead). Francino was a military man in Darokin's armies around 500 AC. During his life he had to fight many monsters in Darokin, and had to help repel orcish invasions on many occasions. It also means that he fought in the brief and fruitless Elfwar against Alfheim, though he was lucky to survive it. Markone wielded a rapier, which he then passed onto his son, Thurio Markone.

Thurio Markone, Darokinian Warrior (dead). Thurio was the son of Francino Markone, and led a life much like his father's about three or four decades later, and as such was a military man for most of his life. Around 560 AC when the Shadow Elves invaded Alfheim, Thurio led a legion of soldier to help the elves repel the invaders. Thurio's rapier was revealed to be a powerful weapon at the time, for it was very effective and a great threat to the Shadow Elven invaders, which has caused some sages to speculate that it may have been found by Thurio's father, Francino Markone, and the passed on to the son, but this is mere theory. Unfortunately, the Shadow Elves quickly realised the threat of Thurio's sword, and they quickly concentrated their attacks on him and thus killed him so that his sword would no longer threaten them.

Mustafa abd-Ali, Ylari Gladiator in Thyatis (dead). Mustafa was an Ylari who was captured by Thyatians during a border skirmish in 953 AC. His Thyatian captors were impressed by his fighting prowess and brought him to Thyatis City where they allowed him to keep his gear and made him a gladiator. In the arena, Mustafa sometimes had opportunities to fight the only people he hated more than the Thyatians, the Alphatians. Mustafa hated the Alphatians even more than the Thyatians because he believed that they had more seriously injured his homeland than the Thyatians ever could, and because of the dubious but persistent rumours of Alphatian wizards who were still active in Ylaruam. Naturally, Mustafa's great hatred of Alphatians and desire to fight Alphatian warriors whenever he could, was hardly a thing that made him unpopular in Thyatis City, quite the contrary! The Thyatians gave him as many opportunities as they could to fight captured Alphatians, and Mustafa killed many Alphatians with his sword, which is why the sword was renamed "Alphatiacus" (slayer of Alphatians). Sages have later speculated about Mustafa's scimitar, as he performed great feats with his sword. In 959 AC, the Alphatians attacked Thyatis, entered Thyatis City driving away the Thyatian legions and killing the Emperor. At this time, one of the gladiators, Thincol the Brave (the later Emperor of Thyatis), organized the gladiators and remaining Thyatian troops, and mounted a counterattack which drove the Alphatians back out of the city. Mustafa fought at Thincol's side during the incident, though he did not survive the battle, and the sword "Alphatiacus" was lost.

Sven, son of Cnute, Warrior of Ostland (dead). Sven was the second son of King Cnute of Ostland. As he grew up he realised that if he wanted to rule, he would either have to fight his older brother for the throne, or claim lands for himself. Since he hardly hated his brother, Sven decided to settle the later Vestland and Soderfjord by travelling there with many settlers and start fighting the humanoids who already occupied the lands. It was fortunate for Sven that his younger brother, Hrafn, decided to come with him, for although Sven was a good fighter, Hrafn turned out to be a warrior of legendary proportions, who claimed little or nothing for his services. Though the land claimed by Sven and Hrafn was officially a part of Ostland, Sven had the unofficial power of a king over the territory for the remainder of his life.

Hadric Telmar, Merchant Prince from the Minrothad Guilds (dead). As a merchant prince of Minrothad, Telmar was an experienced wizard, and is known to have encountered several unusual creatures during his sea voyages. The most famous encounter with such beings was in the year 999 AC when his ship was attacked by a dragon turtle. Fighting for his life and the lives of his crew, Telmar actually succeeded in defeating the monster, though it is uncertain whether he managed to kill it. But Telmar did save the life of his crew and lived to tell the tale. Telmar and his entire ship and crew sadly disappeared in 1002 AC and has not been heard of since.