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Spirit - Hand Druj

by Motorskills

One thing I will note is that just because the monster appears in the 5e Monster Manual, it doesn't necessarily mean it is a useful conversion. The classic examples for me are the Ghost and the Spectre, both of which are dramatically different - and much less scary - compared to their BECMI versions. That's important when considering module adaptions.

After that, there are conversions which don't do the original justice, and my mind immediately turns to (yet) another Undead, the Nightwalker, for which 5e has committed the ultimate sin of making such an amazing invention....boring.

So with that philosophy in mind, I have taken a first pass at the Spirit (Hand Druj), which I think cleaves closer to the original BECMI creation. I'd very much appreciate all y'all's feedback before taking a similar crack at the Haunts and Nightshades.