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Necromancers discover the Hecatomb, 1025 AC

by Sean Meaney

"Sagat! Come see! It is as the old map said. The hecatomb!" deth-hur looked up from his excavations. A gleam of madness came over his eyes.
"at last we shall overthrow the filthy thyatians." Sagat the black clapped his hands to get the attention of his underlings.
"quickly, the altar of earthen hands! We shall raise a million mummies this very evening and they shall march across thyatis!" cloaked acolytes pulled aside the drapes of the tent to reveal there in the dark shelter a tangled mass of hands on a timber litter draped in a blood silk veil in the heart of the tent of Sagat.
"let it begin!" the altar glowed in a necrotic purple as a million mummified corpses rose from their ancient slumber.

DM briefing: Necromancers discover the hecatomb in the deserts of ylarum. Raising the dead in massive numbers with an artefact known as the altar of earthen hands, They order their army of a million mummies to march on the empire of thyatis to the south.