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The Hecatonecheires

by MPA

The "hundred handed one", in Greek mythos they were almost solely responsible for the overthrow of the Titans. Borrowing from D&D D20.

Sphere: Entropy
Status: Exalted
Power Points: 300
Anti-magic: 50%
Armor Class: -7
Hit Dice: 52
Hit Points: 364
Move: 100'(40')
Attacks: two handed sword at 100 vs Giant, 15 vs Man sized, 10 vs smaller than man sized, or boulders
Damage: two handed sword :1d10+20 x100/15/10 or 3d6 boulders
No. Appearing: 1
Save As: IM1
Morale: 12
Treasure type: G
Ability scores: Strength 100, all others 1d12+8
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value:

The Hecatonecheires are rarely seen outside of the Pyts Plane (and rarely seen there as they have their own pocket planes). They are used mainly to guard someone or something of extraordinary power. In rare instances they are dispatched to discipline a rogue Immortal. Their origins are not truly known, but legend has it that they have existed since the creation of the Multiverse. Yet so hot tempered and unpredictable, even the Hierarchs fear requesting their assistance, as they may turn against them. The Hecatonecheires, have been known to grow to gargantuan sizes (use the RC rules for creating gargantuan creatures), yet few have ever survived such a meeting. These creature posses the Immortal powers: Summon Weapons, Weapon Mastery, Improved Saving Throws vs Spells and Improved Saving Throws vs Physical Attacks.