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The Domain of Hedmark

by Jacob Skytte

Hedmark lies at the northern end of Zea Bay at the centre of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It contains three clear hexes. The domain consists almost entirely of coastline and farmlands. Fishermen and farmers ply their trades here, the farmlands are among the best in Ostland. The domain has no access to wood and imports timber from other domains. Foreign traders sometimes stop at Hedmark, and all Ostlanders are generally welcome. Hedmark raiders primarily seek plunder along the Soderfjord coast.

Head of Domain: Hedmark is under the authority of King Hord Dark-Eye of the Zeamark clan, but is ruled by Vagn Ozurson in his name. His great hall lies in the village of Havskum (Seafoam).

Population: 2100 people inhabit this domain. Of these 800 are thralls, 800 are non-warrior freemen, and 500 are warriors. 900 people are able-bodied fighting men and women. Hedmark has a proportionately large population of thralls who work the fields.


This small village (population: 360) houses the great hall of Vagn Ozurson and his family. It is a fishing village, surrounded by many fields. It has a deep harbour where foreign ships may dock, a recent construction to promote trade.

Vagn Ozurson

Neutral 7th level Fighter (Str 17, Int 9, Wis 13, Dex 11, Con 14, Cha 13, AC 5, hp 45)

Personality Traits: Modest/Proud 14/6, Generous/Greedy 13/7, Energetic/Lazy 15/5, Loyal/Unreliable 14/6

25 years old, Blond hair, Blue eyes

Little was known of Vagn Ozurson before he took service in the Royal Brigades of the Army of Ostland, where he distinguished himself as a brave fighter. Hord Dark-Eye took notice of him and invited him to his court, where he eventually was adopted into the Zeamark clan. For a while it seemed that Vagn was a likely candidate to inherit the throne, but after the king married Yrsa Svalasdottir, Vagn saw that these aspirations would come to naught. He still has the king's favour and was rule of this small, but rich domain, so that King Hord had another loyal neighbour.

Now that Vagn can no longer hope to become king of Ostland, he wants to strike out on his own, and create a domain on the Isle of Dawn, founding his own clan. For now though, he has settled for milking this domain for what it's worth to collect funds for his colonisation. There are many rumours of Vagn's ancestry; some say that he is a bastard child of the king of Vestland, others that he was a thrall to a jarl of Soderfjord. Whatever the truth may be, Vagn isn't telling.

In battle Vagn is clad in chain mail and wields an unnamed spear+2, a common man's weapon.

Vagn has married thrice, his first wife died in childbirth and an unknown person murdered the second. His third wife is Arnora Hildisdottir (18). He has a son by his first wife, Botolf Vagnson (5), a daughter by his second, Finna Dortasdottir (4), and a son by his current wife, Kari Vagnson (1).

Arnora (Lawful NW; Cautious/Rash 17/3, Modest/Proud 17/3, Peaceful/Violent 18/2) is a quiet woman with no ambitions or aspirations, who has never known any personal freedom in her life. She is warm and caring, but is finding it hard to be a mother to her stepchildren. Vagn has married her with the sole purpose of bearing him sons to found his own clan, and while he doesn't treat her badly, he is often indifferent.

Volund Forkbeard

Chaotic Mujina (Int 13, HD 8, AC 4, hp 38)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 19/1, Modest/Proud 3/17, Forgiving/Vengeful 2/18, Honest/Deceitful 1/19

Appears to be 37 years old with red hair, and green eyes

Among Vagn's men is a particularly huge and boastful warrior, known as Volund Forkbeard. While everybody thinks that he is just a loudmouth braggart, the truth is far more sinister. Volund is actually a Mujina; a monstrous humanoid being that infiltrates human society with the sole purpose of killing humans.

This particular Mujina has lived in Ostland for the past 10 years, preying on warriors and thralls, women and children, every human that it could get away with murdering. It has been very careful and patient, always planning its kills ahead of time, and studying its victim's habits to find the best moment to perform the killing. The Mujina acts as a big, dumb warrior to avoid being assigned positions of power, and to draw away suspicion.

When Vagn moved to Hedmark, Volund was appointed to be among his men. In this smaller community, it has been even more careful with its killings, since the chance of discovery is greater. It actually savours this challenge, and devises elaborate plans to isolate its victims. It was Volund who killed Vagn's second wife, and it is planning to kill other members of his family, and is toying with the idea of eventually revealing itself to him and killing him.

When ready to kill or if confronted, the Mujina can make its natural face appear: That of a totally blank surface, smooth like an egg. Any creature of 5 HD (or levels) or less that sees this face will flee in panic for 1d3 rounds, unable to defend itself. Creatures with more than 5 HD must make a Saving Throw vs. Wands or suffer the same effect.

In combat Volund wields a two-handed sword+1, which it can use single-handedly, also wielding a second weapon in its other hand. When revealing itself to a victim, it will often carry an axe in its other hand.

Volund pretends to be disinterested in female company, and prefers to drink much ale while telling boastful tales of his exploits. All part of the Mujina's cover.