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Heldannic Glossary

by Bruce Heard

Anvil of Blood - sect of Heldannic priests guarding Vanya's artifact
Bachelor - a knight's rank equivalent to captain
Banneret - a knight's rank equivalent to lieutenant
Blight Belcher - magical weapon used as artillery
Chapter - a military unit of 100-500 troops
Chapter-General - council attended by all brethren
Church of Vanya - the religious entity to which the Heldannic Order is affiliated
Davania - the continent south of Hattias
Eyes of Vanya - a group specialised in gathering intelligence for the Order
Fra' - Frater, Brother
Gorget - a piece of armour protecting the throat
Great Fortress - The fortress of Freiburg
Grosskomtur - the Grand Master's seneschal
Hammer of Vanya - a branch of the Order in charge of law enforcement and religious orthodoxy
Hattias - a province of the Empire of Thyatis where the original following of Vanya grew
Hauskomtur - House commander
Heart of Vanya - a branch of the of the Order in charge of submitting new laws and interpreting religious dogma
Heldann Freeholds - the far northern nation prior to the knights' AC 950 invasion from Hattias
Heldannic Territories - the lands under the control of the Heldannic Order
Heldannsritter - Heldannic Knight
Hochmeister - Grand Master of the Order
House, the - general term used to refer to the membership to the Order and its benefits
Komtur - military commander
Komturei - commanderie
Lance - a cavalry unit of ten knights
Landkomtur - district commander
Landmeister - provincial commander
Lay Brethren - non-religious members of the Order below the rank of knight
Matera - the moon over Mystara
Myoshima - a nation of cat-headed humans living on Patera
Oath of Service - (or Heldannic Rite of Profession) an oath taken to become a priest or a knight.
Ordensland - the lands under Heldannic control
Ordensschaffer - (the Great Shepherd) the officer governing the Order's banking operations
Ordensmarschall - Marshal of the Order
Ordenstaat - the State of the Heldannic Order
Order of Vanya - the original Hattian order of knights that led to the creation of the Heldannic Order
Patera - an invisible second moon orbiting Mystara
Pathfinders - fellowship of paladins fighting influences of Thanatos and abuses of power among the Order
Primate - The religious leader of one of the three main branches of the priesthood
Robe, the - general term used to refer to the Heldannic uniform and the duties of the Order's members
Sergeant - senior man-at-arms
Sergeant-at-Arms - commander's body-guard and lieutenant
Simbasta - lion-like humanoids of Davania
Simony - a crime involving money or services in exchange for membership or promotion inside the Order
Skygem - crystal through which magic from Vanya's artifact is channelled, allowing a warbird to fly
Skyshield - the edge of the Mystaran atmosphere
Spittler - (or Hospitalier) the officer governing the pilgrimage operations
Storm Soldiers - Hattian activists Imperial Thyatis; notorious for their brutality and hate crimes
Thanatos - Immortal instigator of the Storm Soldiers, rival of Vanya, deadly foe of the Heldannic Order
Trapier - quartermaster general
Tressler - the Order's treasurer
Vanya - Immortal patron of the Heldannic Order
Vanya's Rest - the Davanian fortress housing Vanya's tomb and her artifact
Voice of Vanya: a branch of the Order in charge of general administration and diplomacy
Warbird - a flying ship built to resemble a bird of prey