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Heldland (New Heldannic Territory of)

Location: South-eastern portion of Norwold; south of Oceansend and North of the Heldannic Territories.
Area: 150,000 sq. mi. (337,500 km2) are claimed.
Population: 25,000 (10,000 in Landfall, 5,000 in Forton).
Languages: Heldannic, Thyatian Common (Hattian dialect), Alphatian Common (Alpha dialect). Thyatian is the official language.
Coinage: Groschen (5 gp), gelder (gp), erzer (ep), markschen (sp), fenneg (cp).
Taxes: 15% income tax collected 4 times a year. 10% tithe to the Heldannic Knights, collected once a year. Poll tax of 1 gp per year on those who refuse military service. Taxes are waived for the first 2 years for new immigrants.

There is also a 5% sales tax on all items but food and clothing (these taxes are not waived).
Government Type: Military theocracy.
Industries: Hunting, mining, lumber.
Important Figures: Governor-General Helga Schonberg (human, female, P12 of Vanya).
Flora and Fauna: One can commonly encounter animal herds such as sheep and moose, bears, giants (mountain, hill, stone, and the rare frost), goblinoids, lycanthropes, sasquatches, and wolves. Dragons also venture into the territory from the northern mountains.
Further Reading: CM1 - Test of the Warlords, Dawn of the Emperors boxes set, AC1010 - Poor Wizard's Almanac to AC 1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac 3, Joshuan's Almanac.

Description: by Sir Hendrik Gultzer, servant of the Glorious Lady Vanya.

It is with pride and pleasure that I describe to the readers about the glory and valour of the people of Heldland, the New Heldannic Territory. I hope that this factual documentation will also prove to the readers that all the evil and tyrannical stories heard back in the Old World are nothing more than that: stories.

So learn about the wondrous life in Heldland. Perhaps you too will be one of the brave new colonist who will carve out a home in these wild lands. Be assured, all who do will be remembered always for their help in spreading the true Glory of Vanya.

The Land

The area of Heldland stretches from the northern borders of the righteous Heldannic Territories all the way up to the foothills of the Final Range in central Norwold. The western border is marked by the impenetrable Mengul Mountains, while the eastern borders fall within the Alphatian Sea.

The land is covered with forests ripe for wood cutting, and many mines have been discovered in the numerous hills and mountains dotting the land. Although many beasts still inhabit the sparsely human populated areas, the brave Heldannic Knights constantly patrol the area, slaying any foul monster they see in the name of Vanya.

To date, only two towns can be found within Heldland. The first is Landfall, also known as the City of Thieves by the inhabitants of Norwold. Let me be the first to say that this is no longer the case; we, the Heldannic Knights, have captured and slain all thieves in the land, enforcing true laws and stability. This has only been accomplished by the divine guidance of Vanya. So those fearing this "City of Thieves" title should considered it nothing but evil rumours spread by those jealous of Vanya's happiness. [Still, plenty of other correspondents inform us that corruption in the government is still present, and that thievery is very active in Landfall. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Ed.]

The second city is our wonderful capital known as Forton, the City of Knights. A map of the fortress and town can be found in Joshuan's Almanac [p.122, Ed.], and as you can see, there is plenty of room for the hardworking farmers. City walls are been built as you read this, and soon no army will be able to defeat the Knights stationed there. Forton has already reached a population of 5000 in its first year, and we expect it to continue to prosperous into the economical power of the region.

Six other towns are planned for the region, and their construction is expected to start in the next couple of year. If you speak to official before construction begins, they may even be able to make modifications to the plan to suit your needs. All in all, Heldland is a place that is build for the people, as Vanya truly cares for her worshipers.

The People

Heldland is currently expanding, as we wish to see this proud nation become as glorious as it truly deserves. Hence, all new immigrants are given a tax break for the first couple of years.

All cultures are welcome in Heldland, although we do expect immigrants to have the courtesy to learn to speak, read, and write Thyatian. Heldannic is also a common among the farmers and peasants, so learning it would be handy as well. Also, known criminals are advised not to apply for citizenship. We deal harshly with lawbreakers. The Heldannic Territories does not, nor will it ever accept or permit any crimes within their borders.

Most people here in Heldland are the simple farmers who are glad to have the Heldannic Knights to protect them from wandering monsters and roving goblinoids. Their everyday lives are without stress and completely carefree as they know in their hearts that Vanya watches over them with her champion Knights [Somehow, I doubt this. Ed.].

Of course, other religious beliefs are permitted, but we ask that you be respectful to those who follow Vanya and keep your own beliefs within your own household.

Recent History

Heldland was founded last year (AC 1014) when Oberherr Wulf von Klagendorf determined that the nation was to large to rule for just one man. Hence, the Heldannic Territories were truly divided into several territories. The heart of the nation in the Old World, with the capital of Freiburg, is now the Heldannic Territory of Heldann. The area in Norwold was entitled the New Heldannic Territory of Heldland. Another territory under the beneficial rulership of the Knights on Davania is call the Heldannic Territory of Vanya's Rest.

Before our arrival, the land was barely populated with farmers fearful of the wilderness around them. But we brought them civilisation and protection, and now they are prospering. Yet we desire for Heldland to continue to grow, so we again invite all brave souls ready to carve out their own land to seek permission to establish themselves here in the territories.

Of course, last year we had a few setbacks. Due to a few minor problems within the ranks of the Heldannic Knights [Ed's Note: they call the lost of all their priestly spells a minor problem.], several renegades and villains inspired revolts and rebellions, causing Heldland to lose over half it's territory. But there is no need to worry about such events again. The Heldannic Knights have solved their internal strife and are now ready to reclaim their lands. Let all those false kings such of Yarrvikson [of Oceansend. Ed.] beware.

Don't Miss

An impressive sight to see is Castle Forton, located within the capital. Here, the Heldannic Knights proudly parade and march each day before spreading out into the countryside to protect and serve the weak. It is from this constant parading that Forton has earned the nick-name City of Knights.

Castle Forton itself is also a sight to see. The resplendent black lion can be seen almost everywhere, indicating clearly that the place is blessed by Vanya. In fact, the high priests claim she even walks the parapets herself every night just to witness the splendid fortress blessed in her name. And it is truly blessed. Forton has been equipped with all the latest artillery and anti-siege fortifications produced by the best gadgeteers and engineers of the Old World. I cannot describe any more for fear of revealing too much to potential enemies, but Forton is guaranteed to withstand any siege conceivable by mortals. Only Vanya herself could breach these walls, and she is on our side.