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The Hellhog

by Håvard


Armor Class 4
Hit Dice 7*** (M)
Move 90' (30')
Attacks 1 tusk or 1 breath
Damage 2d6 or special
No. Appearing 2d4 (2d4)
Save As F7
Morale 9
Treasure Type Nil
Intelligence 12
Alignment Chaotic
XP Value 1650

Monster Type: Monster (Rare)

While not as large as the prehistoric Great Boar, Hellhogs are powerful boar-like creatures originating from the Planes of Entropy. They sometimes appear on the Prime Plane as guard animals or mounts. They are highly intelligent and can detect invisible (as the magic-user spell; 75% chance per round, range 60'). They are immune to normal fire.

A Hellhog will attack one victim, either breathing fire (one chance in three: 1-2 on ld6) or with its tusks (two chances in three: 3-6 on ld6) each round. The breath does 7d6 points of damage (Save vs dragon breath to take half damage). They do have the charge attack special ability; if they can charge for 20 yards before reaching their enemy, they do double damage with their tusk attack).

Terrain: Cavern, Mountain.
Load: 2000 cn at full speed; 4000 at half speed
Barding Multiplier: x3

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