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here is the first of a series of five kits that detail the Hulean priests of the Temple of Chaos. All of these kits are based on the priest kits from "Al Qadim Arabian Adventures", though all have been adapted to the different nature of the Hulean religion (Chaotic rather than Lawful) and of Bozdogan.


by Giampaolo Agosta

Outside the temple hierarchy thrive a number of solitary men who have been instructed by omens and dreams to leave their previous lives and take up the mantle of the Hermit.

Requirements: Hermits can be of any Chaotic alignment, but must have a Wisdom score of at least 12, and, since they live in the wilderness, a minimum Constitution of 9. They can be of either gender, but are always humans, like all other Hulean priests.

Due to the nature of the Hermit's call, they are often dual-classed characters.

Role: Hermits are those people who claim to have had a vision from Bozdogan, instructing them to live alone in the wilderness.

Hermits may live under all manner of conditions - sleeping on thorn beds, living with beasts, or eating no meat. Some do not shave or cut their hair.

Peasants sometimes seek out hermits for guidance.

Weapon proficiencies: Hermits can use any weapon. Non-priestly weapon cost one more slot.

Some Hermit don't fight much, nor they do concern themselves with weaponry. They're most likely to have only clubs, staves, and knives.

Others train in martial arts, as they find it enhances their meditations. They may be using any kind of weapon, though they will usually be able to use only a few chosen weapons.

Non-weapon Profs: Bonus: Religion, Herbalism.

Recommended: Survival (one terrain type, usually forest), Animal lore.

Equipment: Any non-metallic armour is allowed.

Access to Spheres: Major: All, Astral, Divination, Guardian, Necromantic, Protection, Chaos, Sun (reversed only).

Minor: Healing, Summoning.

Granted Powers: From 5th level, Hermits are able to brew herbal concoctions, as an Alchemist of the same level. They can't turn or control undead.

Special Benefits: Hermits are free from the hierarchy of the Holy Men, as long as they do not interfere with Diviners.

Special Hindrances: Every Hermit receives taboos from Bozdogan, one at first level, and one at every level divisible by three.

Violating a taboo leads to an immediate loss of 1d4 HP per 2 levels of the priest.

Bypassing a taboo through guile and wit gives the hermit a 10% XP bonus (non-cumulative!), which lasts until he reaches the next level.

Common taboos are like these ones:
Cannot cut hair or fingernails
Cannot bathe
Cannot eat meat
Cannot drink alcohol

Hermit need solitude in order to gain spells. They must spend a day alone before being able to receive spells. They also need to meditate 2 hours right before receiving the spells.

Since Hermits are solitary by nature, they do not receive followers. At most, people of neighbouring villages will consult the Hermit for advice on major problems.

Starting Funds: Hermits have left behind themselves mundane wealth, so they start with only one weapon and 3d6 Liras of equipment.