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Heroes of Mystara - Chapter 10

by Jesper Andersen

The hunt

Soladain 7th, Felmont, the Year 1000 after Crowning

After an hour in the dense forest Thaminor, Wulfgar and Eveil returned with various fruits and berries but no meat. The jungle pigs lived deeper inland Eveil explained. Instead, she picked up her trident and proceeded to walk carefully along the beach. Thaminor and Wulfgar sent each other a curious look and followed her.

About a thousand feet from their camp on the beach Eveil stopped for a moment and just looked intensely at the sand. Then, without warning, the ground seemed to burst open right in front of her and a mass of claws and orange-pink shell lunged out at her.

Wulfgar and Thaminor came charging to her aid and together they quickly killed the giant crab, which had attacked her. As they cracked the shell open to get to the delicious meat inside, Eveil explained that hunting the dangerous giant crabs was a rite of passage into manhood for many native boys in Ierendi.

They cooked the meat over the campfire and satisfied their enormous hunger for the first time in three days. Later, Eveil's parrot came back and sat on her shoulder. She seemed to be able to communicate with it somehow.

'Alright listen up', she said, 'I'm still not quite sure which island we're on, but there is a coastal town to the southwest. It should take us a few hours to get there by foot but we have to be careful. Those pirates could be searching the area for us, if they know we survived, and there are plenty of dangerous animals in the jungle. We'll stick to the coast and make our way around the peninsula using the moonlight'.

They rested until sunset, while they took turns scouting out across the sea for any black sails. Then they ate some more and hid the lifeboat in the edge of the jungle before making their way west along the coast.

Four hours later they approached a small coastal village with a crude wooden palisade around it. It took a while to convince the guards to let them in and they quickly made their way to the only inn in town - the Singing Mermaid.