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Heroes of Mystara - Chapter 15

by Jesper Andersen

To the palace

Tserdain 17th, Felmont, the Year 1000 After Crowning

At breakfast Wulfgar and Ikaros told the others about the night's intruder and they all had a good laugh. After their meal Ikaros, Eveil, Wulfgar and Petja dressed in their finest clothes and went to the magnificent coral palace to seek an audience with Thalados Thundersword, the Tribune of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

It seemed the sisters of Madame Sorelli had already made their influence count for the party was admitted without much fuss into the grand offices of the tribune. Several pieces of armour and beautiful weapons adorned the walls, testimonies of a lifetime spent in the military before turning to politics. Thalados Thudersword was a fit man in his mid-fifties, who wore a black tunic with a coat of arms displaying a silver eagle on the chest. His eyes were keen and judging but his smile was warm and welcoming.

'Welcome, please have a seat' he said and pointed to a number of comfortable chairs in front of his desk.

'Why is he offering us the seats of his chairs?' Wulfgar whispered to Petja with a confused look on his face.

'He means please sit down' Petja whispered back and sat down with a grateful smile.

'Oh', Wulfgar said and sat down next to him.

'Now, what can I do for you?' Thalados Thundersword asked in a pleasant tone.

Eveil proceeded to tell him the events onboard the Goodhope, the pirates, the capture of Belmer and the dispatches, which she then handed to him. With a concerned frown the broke the seal and quickly read them.

'This is a most serious matter' Thalados Thundersword said, 'which I shall present to the King at once. I thank you for your services'. Then he quickly scribbled down a note on a piece of paper and gave it his personal seal. 'This letter will get you a reward of a hundred geleva each if you hand it to the steward outside my door' he said and handed the letter to Eveil, who nodded and thanked him.

They quickly left the office and found the steward waiting outside. Eveil handed him the letter from the Tribune and he walked them to an office of the treasury where the payment was made.

'Excuse me', Ikaros then said. 'Do you know if the esteemed Honor Island Mages have a representative here at the court that I could speak to also?'

'Well, yes sir. Lady Gherynid is the Honor Plenipotentiary here at court. Would you like me to see if I can arrange a meeting?'
'Yes, I would, thank you'.

'Very well sir, if you would just like to wait in the palace garden, I shall see what can be done and then come and fetch you'.

Eveil, Petja and Wulfgar went back to the Serpent's Eye while Ikaros walked into the magnificent garden and sat down on a bench.

Next time: A meeting in the palace garden