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The Distinguished Dead

by Bruce Heard

These are the names likely to be found in the Crypt of Heroes at one point of another the Heldannic Order's history.

Stamhoffer, Klaus
AC 910-908
First Hochmeister of the Order,
First Landmeister of Freiburg, AC 952

Tannengrub, Argo
AC 901-951
Knight Errant, Seeker of Vanya's Grave

Löwenstern, Georg
AC 917-991
First Landmeister of Altendorf, AC 952

Wilhelm Hockstein
AC 932-978, AC 958
First Landmeister of Hockstein, AC 958

Helga Grauenberg
AC 921-977
First Landmeister of Grauenberg, AC 960

Johan Goldzig
AC 930-999
First Landmeister of Oostdok, AC 962

Helmut Totenfuss
AC 926-1008
Second Landmeister of Grauenberg, AC 977

Otto Morgenhammer
AC 941-1015
Second Landmeister of Hockstein, AC 979

Utha Scharnheim
AC 939-1004
Second Landmeister of Freiburg, AC 980

Maude Erstenlicht
AC 931-1014
First Primate of the Voice, AC 980

Max Einaugen
AC 938-998
First Primate of the Hammer, AC 980

Franz Eindecker
AC 924-966
Luftkapitän of the Weihe

The New Generation

Wulf von Klagendorf
AC 931-(?)
Second Hochmeister of the Order, AC 980

Fritz Hauerfang
AC 973-(?)
Second Landmeister of Altendorf, AC 991

Anna von Hendriks
AC 972-(?)
Landmeister of Stonehaven, AC 996

Konrad Blutfelden
AC 949-(?)
Second Primate of the Hammer, AC 998

Karl Hundkopf
AC 968-(?)
Second Landmeister of Oostdok, AC 999

Eugen Pfefferlind
AC 970-(?)
Third Landmeister of Freiburg, AC 1004

Dora Riesenstein
AC 981-(?)
Third Landmeister of Grauenberg, AC 1008

Manfred Himmelbrand
AC 964-(?)
High Inquisitor, AC 1013

Ingeborg Gottfried
AC 972-(?)
Second Primate of the Voice, AC 1014

Friedrich Feuergeist
AC 972-(?)
Third Landmeister of Hockstein, AC 1015

Ludwig Hohenhaus
AC 981-(?)
First Landmeister of Heldland, AC 1010

Siegfried Meinhard
AC 967-(?)
First Landmeister of Landfall, AC 1010

Hermann Adalard
AC 988-(?)
First Landmeister of Oceansend, AC 1011