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The Highforge Flyer

by Sean Meaney

Any adventurers with a desire to travel to and from Selenica from Kelvin report to the Kelvin Adventurers Club before Felmont 1.

Belcor Wingnut has finally perfected the first steam powered land Transport. To prove his genius he has stated to the Kelvin Adventurers Club that he can ship a cargo of 20,000cn at fifty miles per day. The distance between Kelvin and Selenica is 240 miles and falls well inside the five day limit they have all agreed upon.

The merchant guild interested in all transport issues has wagered 10,000gp that he can't do it. They will of course be interested if he can. Time is Money.
There are many wagers on the outcome of this time trial. A number of individuals have wagered heavily against it's success and don't intend to lose.

There are numerous pitstops along the way for water and wood to power the engine. These are under the control of the Guild of Merchants and monitored by a representative of the Kelvin Adventurers Guild (pitstops are fifty miles apart- the final leg is forty).

The Highforge flyer has the Look of a River boat with wheels and a Steam engine. There is a 1 in 20 chance that the engine will explode for 6d6 steam and metal fragmentary damage during each leg of the journey. It can move at fifty miles per day and has the stats of a riverboat.
Cost to construct (20,000gp).

Belcor Wingnut (Skygnome) 9th level, Lawful Neutral, 34hp, STR(11) INT(11) WIS(14) DEX(14) CON(12) CHA(13). Armour: Leather Apron, Weapon: Hammer.
Belcor is a skygnome retired from Serraine to Highforge to "Improve the lot of ground dwellin folk".

For the DM: As a cruel twist of irony, If the Flyer makes it, you are welcome to have the vehicle explode during the presentation ceremony proving to all it is a dangerous choice of transport.