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Gnomes and Dwarves of Highforge

by Sean Meaney

The Gnome NPC Class
Social Rank: | Relic Keeper | Clanmaster
AC: | 5 | 4
Hit Dice: | 3 | 4
Hit Points: | 12 | 18
Move: | 60’ (20’) | 60’ (20’)
Attacks: | 1 | 1
Damage: | 1d8 | 1d8+1
Save As: | Dwarf 3 | Dwarf 4
Morale: | 12 | 10
Alignment: | Neutral | Neutral

Gnomish Keepers of the Relic have the Standard Domination Power possessed by all Keepers.

Social Rank: | Proletarian | Supervisor
AC: | 5 | 5
Hit Dice: | 1 | 2
Hit Points: | 5 | 10
Move: | 60’ (20’) | 60’ (20’)
Attacks: | 1 | 1
Damage: | By Weapon | 1d8
Save As: | Dwarf 1 | Dwarf 2
Morale: | 8 | 10
Alignment: | Neutral | Neutral

The Gnomes are generally cheerful, and Pleasant toward outsiders. They are not particularly warlike and will avoid combat when possible. However they do not act well toward anyone destroying machinery.

The Gnome Relic
This is always a unique technological device of considerably advanced nature. It is an artefact from the Past that is constantly worked on by the Keeper. Usually this process begins with settlement of a clan at a fixed site where the Keeper of the Relic will begin work. As generations progress, The Clan Relic is built up toward a final completed artefact. An Earthshaker is the culmination of that achievement for every clan – this is mainly due to the influences of the Sphere of Entropy on gnomes.

History of the Highforge Clan
Dorfin is a descendant of the Earthshaker clan. A few centuries back a gnome Clanmaster named Kraznoc declared himself king of the Earthshaker clan and Keeper of the Relic, Of course this outraged the Keeper of the Relic. After a quick war for control of the Relic, Kraznoc was declared Doffen (that which is discarded) and ejected along with his followers.
Dorfin the First was the leader of a Relic less clan but the Gnomes soon found a new life in the Wilds of Traladara as they were forced to battle for survival against Goblins living in the area. They lived off the land and scraped and scrounged pieces of Machinery and mined minerals to build engines of war to keep the Goblins at bay. In AC950 they assimilated with the Local Dwarves and Established the Community of Highforge. Highforge was established as a Town populated by Gnomes and Dwarves as a mining centre. The Highforge clan that rose from this odd mixing has knowledge of Steam engines and Mining.
More recently a Dorfin found the Doffen way gave him a Relic of sorts and Mastery of the Clan – bringing unity to the Gnomes who live under the Guidance of a Council of Elders who oversaw any trade with outsiders, and handled the clan finances.
Dorfin’s little Shop of Horrors has become that Relic.

Gnome Families of Highforge
• Dorfin (That which is Discarded)
• Oddwaddle (Three Legged)
• Fleabottom (The First Flea)
• Bladderwick (Air Clan)

Gnome Names (Regional Modern Traladaran variants)
Victor = Wictar
Boris = Bowrise
Christoph = Kristophus
Stephan = Steppkhan

Dwarf Families of Highforge
• Talawain
• Rumbottle

Dwarf Names (Regional Ancient Traladaran variants)
Kreegan = Kreeg
Sigil = Sig