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High Magic Points

by Gordon McCormick

I want to put a bit more magic into my Karameikan campaign, so I came up with the following (after looking at the thunder rift map on the Vaults and loving the name got me thinking...)

Teldon was a Thyatian mage who had done much research on an ancient empire that once covered much of the sea of dread. Working with his fellow mage, a water elf from the Kelar clan, he learned about places around the ancient empire that had become more attuned to magic. Together they realised that many of the areas may be in Karameikos and so when Stefan bought the Duchy from the Empire, Teldon went along with the other Thyatians to seek these places.

Now, along with Claude fe Kerouaille from Glantri, Teldon and Kelar have found a high magic point in Krakatos. Using it they build Wizardspire, a new home for the magicians guild and seek the other places they have heard of in legend:

Turnwood (Achelos/Blight Swamp) - an area where shapeshifting and earth magics are easy to learn. This was the site where the Taymorans first created Lycanthropy.

Frostberg (Altan Tepes mountains) - not a Taymoran magical site, but a Nithian one. A Traladaran mage found this several hundred years ago and built an ice tower near the magic flow. Ice and water magics are powerful here.

Nightpeak (Five Shires) - This is where the Taymorans learned to turn themselves into Nosferatu, powerful necromancers who were not innately evil. The Blackflame is tied to this place somehow, and spells of darkness and night dominate here.

Starholm (Mount Pavel) - Above the Hutaaka valley, on the peak of the tallest mountain in the area, from here all of Karameikos can be seen. Celestial magics and air enchantments are easily created here.

Flamefall (One of the Minrothaddan islands, or maybe Honor Island) - Underground, in a cave hot with lava, this place allows Infernal and fire magics to be harnessed with ease.

One thing I'd like to do with each of these places is get a good picture in my head of what they look like. Each of them is essentially a Wizards Tower, but I want them to look unique (and they don't need to be tower shaped!). Any ideas of looks and feels for these places?