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Heights and Altitudes

by Robin

Broken Lands
I readjusted or expanded the Canon informartion of Gaz 10 as there were too much inconsistencies, lacks of information, contradictions, and outright impossibilities as seen to flow patterns of water. Compiling all canon sources(Canon Sources TM1, Gaz Ethengar, Gaz Broken Lands, Gaz 3 Glantri, amongst others), I came upon many flaws. With the making of my 1-mile hex maps of the Broken Lands I corrected these (there is one section still unresolved --yet this will be explained soon)
Broken Lands west
Broken lands east

The values after the name are the known canon sources, the ones after readjusted as I used them in my corrected 1 mile hex maps
Black Hills 450 Readjusted 1450
Black mountain ?? Readjusted 4000
Careanna ?? Readjusted 1000-1759
Sun's Anvil 800 Readjusted 4050-4575
Gnollistan hundreds above ground ?? Readjusted 2100-2900
Red Orcland ?? Readjusted 3000-3300
Natoka's Grave 2500 Readjusted 2500
Broken Lands south mountains ?? Readjusted 7000-7650
Kolland ?? Readjusted 1650-2350
Bugburbia hills ?? Readjusted 4500-6300
Mount Barbia 10000 & 4200 Readjusted 15355
Yellow Orkia 350 Readjusted 350-650
The Mucks ?? Readjusted 280-350
World Mountain(Ethengar) 10.459 ft (3188 m )
The slanted plateaux of Ethengar is set canonnically at an average of 3800feet (Readjusted the plateaux with this canon west tilt, the eastern coast, and the lowest of the Broken Lands -the Sumpf- I came to the following altitudes; 3800 NW, 4000E, 385SW, 3900SE, 4400N+NE, between 3300 and 400 W, between 3800 and 400 S),
The World Mountain thus thrusts an average of 6500 feet above the grasslands...a real domineering sight.
Akilla's Throne 1650 Readjusted 1650-1710
High Gobliny hills ?? Readjusted 2800-4650
High Gobliny Mountains ?? Readjusted 4500-5500
Hobgobland ?? Readjusted 450-1250
Plateau of Zyrd 6000 Readjusted 6000
South Glantri ?? Readjusted 4320-4500
Corunglain lowlands 1850-1950 Readjusted 1850-1950
Corunglain 1800 Readjusted 1800
Glantri City 4800 Readjusted 4800
TrollhATTAN 900 lower?? Readjusted 2300-2500
oRCUS rEX ?? Readjusted 4500-5500
Valley of Khyr 3000 Readjusted 3000-4300
Mountains around Khyr ?? Readjusted 10000-11244
Ogremoor ?? Readjusted 6000-10280
yaks spur 10000 Readjusted 9800-11200
Fort Fletcher ?? Readjusted 6325
Darokin 1200 Readjusted 1200
Mountains around troll hattan ?? Readjusted 6000-8500
Vesubian River Nto S with each waterfall; ?? no information , even the amount of waterfalls vary with each source Readjusted Trintan 4300, fort zero 4200, vesubian primus 3900, Vesubian seconds 3600, Vesubian Tertio 3000, Vesubian pause 2350, 1800
Volcano Kalazyrd ?? Readjusted 8855
Twin volcanoes Gvozdenzuba ?? Readjusted 5705'Jezibaba 5725
Ashen Plain ?? Readjusted 4300-4600

Mountains TM1
average altitude 160miles (2 8-mile hexes away from foothills)
Altan Tepes 8950 highest peak mnt tarsus thyatis 11380
Black Peak 4500 highest peak Mnt Pavel Karameikos 5800
Broken Lands 10000 highest peak unknown
Colossus Mountains 18500 highest peak Stoneface Glantri 24350
Cruth Mountains 4000 highest peak Adrian Peak 5250
Glantrian Alps 20250 highest peak Mnt de Glace Glantri 25100
Hardanger Range 10000 highest peak Odharjokull soderfjord 15750
Icereach range 14000 highest peak Mnt Einrick Norwold 21050
Ierendi uplands 9000 highest peak Mnt Kikapua ierendi 12100
Kerothar mountains 19740 Mnt Eriadna Alphatia 24450
Kurish Massif 12500 highest peak Uruparda Sind region 18250
Makkres range 13800 highest peak Steel Fang Rockhome 15720
Diamond spurs 4500 highest peak Gold Needle minrothad 5200
Silver sierras 17000 highest peak adruzzo darokin 18820
Wendarian range 11300 highest peak Mnt Lea Glantri 16550

Floating Ar
between canon 10000+ readjusted 3900 and 24000

Elven home trees 150-200 (gaz 5 page 16)
Elven sentinel trees 200-400

Cloud giants thus would live either on Altostratus (13000-20000 feet)or on clouds 3000-6500 feet
I could imagine Storm giants having relocated the stole cloud giant castles at 24000 feet+
This remains consistent with Storm giant adventures of later editions

O2 page 21
The Faedorne Shining Isles can only be reached by a silver flying ship from the shattered pillars The description says'the stars beneath your ship are indeed stars!" Which means you are way further up than the breathable atmosphere to be able to see it does NOT say Mystara is no longer visible it can be assumed this is extraordinary far (high) away or just thus high stars will be visible down to the sides of the planet. As sunlight still affects the islands "...where it is daytime. " the last seems the best reasonable. thus a height of several miles beyond the skyshield/atmosphere of Mystara would be reasonable to enable this to be seen as thus, yet still follow the same light affecting. As the moon is important in this, maybe somewhere inbetween Mystara and Matera??

Endless stair
300' into the air

Well of the moon

leads to the Kingdom of the moon. no further detailing; thus either shining islands or the moon Matera or Patera itself. as Matera is surface dead it could lead into hollow moon, or onto surface of Patera /Myoshima

breathable 20000
Skyshield 80000