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Hiboux, Free Province of

by Michael Berry

2,576 sq. miles

AC 1000 - 36,725
AC 1014 - 33,052

Ethnic Groups:
Averoignian 45%, Flaem 40%, Thyatin 13%, Other 2%

Towns: (population values are given for AC 1000 and AC 1014)
Les Hiboux: (2900/3500) is the rapidly growing administrative seat of the province.

Selected Villages:
Ménerbes (512/475) is beautiful a stone village in the hills to the north of Les Hiboux, perched along the top of a long ridge overlooking vineyards to the north and the location, if not the actual village, has been occupied since the shortly after Flaemish landfall. The original Flaemish settlement was destroyed by Halzunthram, like many were, during the 40 Years War and rebuilt by Averoignian settlers from Laterre.

Salon-de-Provence (845/800) is a prosperous farming village 16 miles to the east of Les Hiboux along the Isoile River. The village is known for its lively nightlife and beautiful village centre.

Eyguières (314/275) is a mining village in the southern hills almost exactly between the County of Touraine and the Archduchy of Westheath. The town’s mayor, a powerful wizard, has been trying to petition the Council to establish dominion here, with him naturally to lead it. So far his attempts have fallen upon deaf ears at the Council.

Volendam (638/700) is a Flaemish fishing village that survived the 40 Years War and has been settled by the Flaem for 600 years. Located in hills north of Berrym, on the banks of the Vesubian opposite the Principality of Bergdhoven.

Propraetor appointed by the Council of Princes, for seven year renewable terms. Seat in Les Hiboux.

Propraetor Pavel Bilaonov (born 943, NM, AL- Lawful) Appointed in 996.

Not aligned to any house. No ties to any house.

The Hiboux Free Province (HFP) though close to Flame and Averoignian lands remains independent of them. The two Averoignian rulers have other concerning as does the new Princess of the Flaems. The lack of interest means the Propraetor has relative free hand to administer his province as long as as the revenue continues to flow into the coffers of the Council of Princes.

The HFP consists of the lower Isoile river valley, east to west, between the Taterhill Free Province and the Isoile Free Province. From north to south it runs from High Sonden to the foothills of the Glantrian Alps bordering the Mt. Glace Free Province to the south.


The main trail through the HFP is the Vyonnes-Glantri road. It is one of the most heavily traveled in all of Glantri. In the last ten years caravan travel has increased substantially as the new western baronies have opened up a safe caravan route with Wendar to the north, and trade with Sind has increased 75% from AC 1000. It is rated as a good quality trail by Glantrian AAA. The region has numerous smaller trails connecting the numerous villages in the Free Province. The Isoile River is navigable for all boat and ship traffic and is heavily used between Vyonnes and Glantri City.

The HFP is one of the most economically diverse and richest in all Glantri. The Isoile Valley is prime agricultural area and produces agricultural products of all descriptions. The Northern Hills produce good vineyard, and lots of space in the hills for substantial herds of cattle and sheep. The southern hills mine the surrounding hills and mountains for gold and silver.

Notable People:
Pavel Bilaonov is the long serving Propraetor of the Hiboux Free Province, having been first appointed in 996. He has been reappointed every 7 years since then having proved to be a masterful administrator and having the support of the Council, Prince Etienne in particular, for many years. Pavel is a career bureaucrat who has worked all his life in vast Glantrian government apparatus.

With the rash of new dominions created during the Great War there have been attempts by some prominent wizards in the region to establish new dominions in the area, especially the southern hills between Touraine and Westheath and the northern hills to the west of Berrym. The people of the region are split on the issue and the situation has started to deteriorate, especially in the south as the FFF has become active. Bilanov has strong sympathies with the population who do not want to become a part of a dominion yet he will not allow overt violence or intimidation even if perpetuated by those who are against the creation of new dominions in the area. Pavel is trying to think of ways to lower the temperature on both sides before the situation becomes more than a minor local issue and requires the Council to step in.

Tomas Delay (F5, Al-N) is a legend within the FFF and is known as ‘the Hammer’. A senior Captain in the organization who only answers only to the head of the FFF, Rafael Corrado. Delay was recently assigned to the Hiboux region to make sure that people of the region keep ownership of their lands and their relative freedom from the nobles of Glantri. Thomas is a skilled orator and has given speeches all over the Free Province extolling private ownership of the land and keeping free of nobles who care nothing for their subjects but for the taxation that funds their research and living the good life at the Capital.

Thomas is always accompanied by four bodyguards which are often needed for his safety and saved his life three months ago when a contract with the Thug’s Guild was taken out on Thomas. Ever since that failed assignation attempt while speaking in Eyguières Thomas has moved more FFF ‘muscle’ in the region and tensions have escalated as those who support the idea of establishing dominions have suffered intimation, and personal assaults.

Thierry Fournier (M13, Al-C) is a wizard with a problem. Fournier is the mayor of Eyguières and the cause of all the trouble in the southern HFP. His family settled in the area soon after arriving in the Highlands from Lattere and founded the village of Eyguières. Thierry is an ambitious wizard with dreams of becoming a noble. He has failed 3 times in Awards Festivals to secure a Barony for himself. After failing a third time he decided to bank on his family’s name and try to create a dominion for himself. He had hoped that the Fournier name might sway the people of the region to support his proposal the Council of Princes but was dismayed to find significant resistance at the local level. Given time perhaps Fournier could have bought off local opposition leaders however he wasn’t given time as the FFF came into the area and stirred up the locals against the proposition.

Founier tried to eliminate the head of the opposition but learned after the attempt failed that the speaker was a high ranking member of the FFF and in response to Thierry’s move brought in more goons and agitators and started to intimidate those who supported Fournier. He appealed to the Propraetor to clean the criminal element out of the area but was rebuffed by Bilaonov who told him that his only concern was peace in the region and he wanted the person responsible for the failed assassination attempt on Delay brought to justice and after which he would crack down on the loutish elements that followed him. Fournier is presently worked up a sacrificial lamb to be given to the Propraeator that would absolve him publicly of blame for the incident. Fournier has deep pockets and lots of magic and is prepared to use both to win this area for him and his family as a dominion.

Notable Sites:
Les Hiboux is the administrative center and largest settlement of the HFP. The town is unwalled and has 4 Quarters. It has a Averoignian and a Flaem Quarter which are residential. The Commercial Quarter is known for its large central market which hosts the bounty of the regions agriculture in the morning and in the afternoon hosts many goods and specialty items brought in with caravans that pass through the town. The Entertainment Quarter boasts excellent Inns and taverns. The Quarter is known for it’s two centerpieces. Le Bataclan Theater is a century old Theater hosting plays, musical concerts. Many of the greatest actors of Glantri have been seen at Le Bataclan and still come to Hiboux with regularity. Stade Félix Bollaert, is the home of ‘des Martyrs’ of the Glantrian Serie A football league. It is a architectural/magical wonder of Glantri and was designed by famed architect and wizard, and Les Hiboux native, Félix Bollaert in AC895. It seats 10,000 and is constructed of Caurenzen marble and uses magic liberally throughout the stadium. Visiting teams have been known to have dark various disturbing illusions of disturbing and menacing nature accompany them out the dressing room onto the pitch. Sudden snowstorms are not unheard of when des Martyrs are coming out of the losing end of the score. The team employs a full time mage to control the enchantments during home matches and the excitement of what the magist may do is often considered as important as the play of des Martyrs who are often fighting to keep from being regulated to Serie B and have never won the Glantrian Scudetto.

Ménerbes is a wine producing village that produces the famed Ménerbes Sauvignon Blanc which is famed for its crisp grapefruit flavor. The village is dominated by the manor of Sire Richard d’Ambreville who owns some of the choicest vineyards in the area and used to spend a lot of time in the village, often hunting in the surrounding hills. Since his wife defeated his brother Henri and became Princess of New Averoigne, Richard rarely comes here as he is busy with ruling New Averoigne.

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