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Timeline for The Treasure of the Hideous One

by Andrew Theisen

Finally found "The Treasure of the Hideous One", so here is a rough timeline I made of the adventure:

c.880 AC: Stefan Karameikos I is born. (Supposition)
900 AC: Marilenev is a flourishing trade village of 500. The Empire of Thyatis moves on Marilenev, conquers it, and claims all of the Traladara region as a Thyatian protectorate. Marilenev is renamed "Specularum." (Gaz1)

Duke Stefan Karameikos II ("the Hermit"), leader of the Thyatian military forces in Traladara, sends an expeditionary unit to further explore the lands west of Marilenev. This unit, led by Colonel Rosentos, disappears shortly after reaching the village of Luln. They are never heard from again. (Treasure of the Hideous One, with slight modifications.)

948 AC: Stefan Karameikos III is born. (Gaz1)
957 AC: Lady Amanda Karameikos dies. (Gaz1)
965 AC: Stefan Karameikos III becomes an officer in the Thyatian cavalry. (Gaz1)
968 AC: Victor Karameikos dies. His son, Stefan Karameikos III succeeds him as Duke of Machetos. (Gaz1)
970 AC: Stefan Karameikos III sells his ancestral lands to the Emperor of Thyatis for independent rulership of the Traladara region, which is renamed the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. (Gaz1)

Thus, Stefan's grandfather was involved in the earliest Thyatian conquests in Traladara- the module seems to imply that it was Duke Stefan the Hermit that was ruling the lands, but obviously that wouldn't fit with the timelines that came later (it does explicitly state that the expedition of Rosentos took place 100 years ago).

Something that would help immensely- if anyone out there has the Kingdom of Karameikos boxed set, I understand that it has a Karameikos family tree? If someone with that could fill in a couple of dates and names- the birthdates of the elder Karameikos' (I and II), the name of Stefan's mother- that would facilitate this timeline greatly!

[EDIT] Went ahead and bought the ESD of K:KoA, and noticed some things. Firstly, there are (sadly) no dates on the family tree, so no pinpointing precisely when people were born/died.

Secondly, Stefan's father wasn't a Stefan, so it was probably his grandfather Stefan the II that was "the Hermit", and not some relative farther down the line. I modified the timeline to fit. Now to try and figure out where the Karameikos family might have first come to rule in Machetos.