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House of Hillsbury

by Aleksei Andrievski

Since PWA mentions that Jaggar von Drachenfels campaigned for Fenswick's borders to be extended south to Belcadiz and east to Glenargyll, here's a rough diagram of what I assume the new borders are:

H m m
f m m
H m m
h m m
m m  
m m m
m m  

m=mountain hex, h = hill hex, f = tower of Fenswick, capital letter means a river in the hex

Main resources: 2 animal (sheep/goats, fish)
16 hexes: mountain; borderland; pop. 896; tax 45 dc
1 hex: mountain, river; borderland; pop. 84; tax 4 dc
1 hex: hills; rural; pop. 280; tax 28 dc
2 hexes: hills, river; rural; pop. 840; tax 84 dc
Fenswick: village; pop. 525; tax 53 dc
Total population: 1645 rural, 980 borderland

Tax Income: 214 dc
Resource Income: 854 dc
Standard Income: 1708 dc

Council Tax: 555 dc
Net Cash: 513 dc
Overhead (40%): 205 dc
Available Cash: 308 dc

XP/month: 1068