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by Brant Guillory

Level: 1 Female Elf


Strength: 14

Intelligence: 12

Wisdom: 16

Dexterity: 18

Constitution: 8

Charisma: 11

Hit Points: 5

Armour Worn: Chainmail

Armour Class: 2

Weapon in Hand: Shortsword

Bonus to Hit: +1

Damage Bonus: +1

Experience: 680


Possessions: Bag of Holding, 120' of Climbing Rope (will hold twice normal weight)

Spell Book: Light, Hold Portal

A new adventurer, Gharalain wants to live up to the legend of her older brothers, the twins Esselian and Fresnian. Both are famous in adventuring circles as the rescuers of Princess Sibrisilia, a Thyatian dilettante.

She joined a company of adventurers who were raiding an orc cavern. Once they returned to town, the two leaders of the party, Jasper (a member of the Mirros Thieves' Guild) and Kildair (a sellsword from Minrothad) tried to claim all of the magic items. Most of the party knuckled under, but Gharalain managed to exchange her simple sack for the Bag of Holding, and then barely got away once Kildair discovered her trick.

She is now hopping around from town to town to try and stay ahead of Kildair, who is now being financed by the Thieves' Guild. Gharalain would like nothing more than to find her brothers so that they might dispatch Kildair and his toadies.