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Timeline of Glantrian History

by Harri Mäki

3000 BC Glantri's last ice age begins.

2200 BC Some southern elves leave the migration of Ilsundal and come to frozen valleys of the area. Part of the group of Enoreth comes also here and settles amongst their relatives. Amongst these settlers is Clan Truedyl (future Gentle Folk), from the other clan comes the Icevale elves and some are forefathers of Schattenalfen.

1950 BC Shadowelves return to surface and settle again in Glantri. They never meet other elves settled there, because many hostile humanoids and human tribes separate them.

1700 BC Elves find a Blackmoorian artefact in Broken Lands and trigger a local catastrophe. Survivors begin their wanderings deep underground when the explosion sends enormous ash and smoke clouds in the air. They are not dispersed in many years.

1690 BC Akkila-Khan builds the fortress of Ul'Ghuzud and begins raids at the borders of modern day Glantri and Ethengar.

800 BC The ice recedes north.

525 BC Some Sheyallia elves escaping from Serpent peninsula and Fireplain settle in the area.

200 BC Orcs rule the area from Streel-river to the west, to Akorros in south. They control also Broken Lands, southern Glantri and most of Ethengar.

150 BC Belcadizian elves arrive to the wooded valleys of Vesubia. They settle north of the river and begin to build a new settlement, which they name Nuevo Alvar.

50 AC To commemorate the settlers first century of peace and prosperity in Nuevo Alvar, leader of the elves Don Fernando Vicente Olivar de Guerra begin a construction of a fortified palace. The palace, built of reddish stone quarried from the mountains to the north, is named "Alhambra".

91 AC Construction of Alhambra is complete. A group of elven leaders move that they formally form a new clan, named for their new clan centre. The motion is overwhelmingly approved, and Clan Alhambra is born. Don Fernando is named as the first clan leader.

178 AC Don Fernando dies at the age of 670. After period of mourning, the power struggle begins. Four families (de Guerra, de Fedorias, de Casanegra and de Belcadiz) dominate the proceedings, and there can be no clear agreement. Strife breaks out amongst the factions.

180 AC Many elves fear that the factional strife will lead to all-out civil unrest. Cries for compromise begin to build. An elven cleric, Don Juan Antonio de Caixas, gains support as a compromise candidate for clan leader. Caixas, however refuses the title of clan leader, saying that clan needs stronger leadership than that limited position can provide. He wants to reinstate the ancient monarchy. Many elders are scandalised, but the idea is popular with many younger elves. Caixas continues to prove his leadership skills as the elders debate.

185 AC Don Juan is named King over all the families of Clan Alhambra. The position is conditional: power is not absolute, he must confer with the elders on all matters before reaching a decision. The elders may remove a King from power under certain circumstances, such as abuse of power, provided it is also the will of the people. The crown is not hereditary, but rather shall pass to the most capable leader upon death or removal of the king.

362 AC Don Juan dies in his sleep. Although his reign has been largely uneventful, some suspect poison. Nothing is proven. Miguel de Belcadiz, a powerful warrior and wizard, is chosen to be the next king.

395 AC Surviving followers of the Fire, who now call themselves as Flaems, arrive and settle the area. They bring with them bear- and boar-lycanthropes. Radiance is found. Council of Dukes and Wizards rules the area. Land is divided in seven duchies under one archduchy.

400 AC Flaemish-explorers realise that there is an empire of followers of Air in the east.

450 AC The Flaems find Braejr.

491 AC Thelvyn Foxeyes find the armour of Dragonlord from Blackmoorian fortress of Dragonwatch. He becomes the second Dragonlord of Mystara.

496 AC Thelvyn Foxeyes realises, that he is a gold dragon conjured to a form of eldar-elf. Magic is broken after the trip to the homeplane of Great One. Time of Dragonlord is over. Thelvyn becomes a Dragonking.

Leader of the Flaemish firewizards Byean Kaalstran finds an "efficient" way to use Radiance.
497 AC Gemstone dragons return to Mystara. They threaten the dragons of Mystara with war, but Thelvyn defeats them. He becomes Immortal Diamond.

525 AC Third Punishment expedition from Braejr and Darokin to Broken Lands.

526 AC Peace treaty between Sitting Drool's hordes and Braejr/Darokin alliance.

565 AC Don Miguel de Belcadiz contacts the leaders of southern Flaem holdings and proposes a meeting. That is arranged at the meetings of Red River and Vesubia. The Flaems set up a trap. The elves lead by Miguel´s son Manuel are seized and ceremoniously sacrificed in the holy fire of the Flaems.

585 AC Ethengarian raiders attack the Flaems numerous times, but are repelled.

645 AC Ethengar attempts a major invasion, which the Flaems halt at Skullhorn Pass in the Colossus Mounts.

662 AC Flaems try to attack to Ethengar, but troops are massacred in steppes.

700 AC Erewan faction of Erendyl-clan moves from Alfheim to Darokin.

702 AC The Flaems and Belcadiz-elves make a truce. The southern Flaemish lords promise the lands between Vesubia and Colossus Mounts to the elves.

707 AC Wilhelmina Vlaardoen marries his cousin Achilles.

710 AC Erewans arrive to Glantri. Their leader, Charan Erewan, immediately contacts Don Miguel de Belcadiz and acknowledges his authority, asking permission to settle amongst the dark-skinned elves.

712 AC Don Miguel de Belcadiz's son, Don Fernando, marries Charan Erewan's sister Charlena.

In the same year Don Miguel and Charan Erewan also decide that the area is too crowded for both elven groups. Don Miguel proposes that the Erewan elves should move to the woods between Vesubia and Red River were only a few Flaemish woodcutters are living. Immediately after the Erewan elves move there, the Flaemish lords declare that the elves have broken the truce and begin raiding again.
717 AC Don Antonio de Belcadiz, Don Miguel's son dies defending New Alvar against the Flaems. Don Miguel withdraws from governing and gives most of his powers to Don Fernando.

727 AC Barend Vlaardoen marries Maria Morend.

728 AC d'Ambreville's and their allies (including Gilles Grenier and Diane de Moriamis) arrive from Old Averoigne. They are welcomed by the Flaems of Braejr, and they establish their dominion, the Nouvelle Averoigne in forested valleys of north-western Glantri. Magically less able go to the south to Darokin.

Rumours about the rich and sparsely populated lands behind the mountains in the Flaemish Highlands attract Otto von Drachenfels's attention and he began to plan his followers' migration there.
730 AC After a hard trek through the mountains and the goblinoid infested Broken Lands, the refugees from Alasiyan and Traladaran lands reach the Highlands. The elves let them pass through their forests. After that the refugees separate again.
Traladarans lead by Morphail Gorevich-Woszlany claim the north-eastern forests and hills were only few Flaemish outcasts are living.
Thyatians led by Tiberio Glantri settle between Isoile and Red River in the area of modern Hightower.
Hattians under the leadership of Otto von Drachenfels and Hans von Graustein settle at the shores of Red River in the area of later Eriadna and Volnay.
Thyatians and Kerendans led by Giuseppe di Sfonti and Cesare Fulvina settle between Red River and Arnus.
Frictions with the Flaems living in the settled area began to occur rather frequently.
731 AC Village of Oreggiano is founded. Enrico di Sfonti tries to assassinate his father Giuseppe.

733 AC Camille d'Ambreville, increasingly erratic, abandons her duties as the leader of house d'Ambreville. After a fractious family council, Étienne assumes leadership.

734 AC Tiberio Glantri falls in battle and with him the settlers lose the only leader capable of uniting them.

736 AC Truce is settled between the Flaems and the settlers.

738 AC Following Étienne d'Ambreville's advice, Anton van Drees, the King of Braejr, institutes an official policy of welcoming and integrating settlers. His subordinates follow an unofficial policy of making life unpleasant for settlers; the frictions build.

739 AC Castle Glantri is finished and Claudio Glantri takes a title of Count.

740 AC Otto von Drachenfels dies in a building accident at Schloß Tallenberg.

743 AC d'Ambreville's bring more settlers from their mysterious homeworld. Kaelics and Fens led by Brannart McGregor use the same magical gate. Moorkrfot-brothers follow them. They settle at the feet of the Colossus Mountains between the rivers Fen and Til, where there are few other people living because of the climate. Their coming irritate the Flaems, but not so much to worsen the relations towards other groups.

Titus Glantri arrives from Thyatis.
Massimo di Sfonti disappears on a hunting trip. He is in fact captured and imprisoned by Flaems.
747 AC The Braejr Council of Lords ban clericism. Punishment is burning at the stake. Barend Vlaardoen is named to lead the inquisition.

749 AC Power-mad Brannart McGregor (who had recently achieved lichdom) calls for a gathering of Kaelic and Fen groups. He imposes many unfair and outrageous demands, among which is the surrender of the Moorkroft-brothers by the Fen Witches. Lady Morgan Fairley's envoy, Gaspar Batril, flatly refuses, but the Kaelics take Sir James Moorkroft by force. Auspiciously, Sir Jeremy Moorkroft is in disguise among the diplomatic envoys. He reveals himself and a magical battle ensues, killing Gaspar Batril, severely incapacitating Sir James, and utterly destroying the lich, Brannart the Red.

Fens escape south to area of modern Fenswick.
750 AC The Great Burning: Flaems burn all clerics they capture.
Giuseppe di Sfonti dies in fever.
751 AC Joachim von Drachenfels marries Luise van Agt, daughter of the one of the Flaemish dukes. Relations between Flaems and settlers deteriorate rapidly because of this marriage and minor skirmishes begin again.
Claudio Glantri gives a command of his troops to his cousin Titus.

Disappointed Wilhelmina Vlaardoen withdraws to Linden for rest of her life.

754 AC Don Miguel de Belcadiz break relations with the settlers, because of their increasing demands for support against the Flaems.
Tower of Ellerovyn is finished.

Titus Glantri marries Hedvig von Graustein.

Corrado di Sfonti dies in fever.

756 AC Skirmishes stop and everybody acknowledge that Joachim von Drachenfels is the best military leader in the Highland area.
Charan Erewan marries his distant cousin Meralia.
759 AC Claudio Glantri leaves the Highlands for Thyatis City and gives his title to his cousin Titus Glantri.

762 AC Don Miguel de Belcadiz announce that the elves had no desire to let the humans decide anything concerning their lands.

764 AC Massimo di Sfonti dies in prison.

766 AC Town of Erendyl is established.

Carlo di Sfonti kills first his cousin baron Manfredo di Sfonti and then his son Ruggiero and takes over the barony.

Barend Vlaardoen named as a commander of Flaemish troops.

769 AC Joachim von Drachenfels finally realises that he cannot unite the Highlands with diplomacy.

770 AC Titus Glantri sends his daughter Hadriana to Thyatis for education.

776 AC Joachim von Drachenfels finally convinces Titus Glantri and Carlo di Sfonti to sign a military pact with him.

Carlo di Sfonti kills Matteo di Sfonti's father and mother. Matteo escapes to Sirecchia.
777 AC Ottone and Matteo di Sfonti attack Oreggiano and kill Baron Carlo di Sfonti. Ottone is announced Baron of Sirecchia.

784 AC Joachim von Drachenfels kills unintentionally his brother-in-law duke Willem van Agt while drunk. War breaks between the Flaems and the settlers. The elves again refuse to take any part.

Andreis Vlaardoen is murdered in Braejr, because of his conciliatory opinions.
785 AC Battle of Braejr. The Flaems are victorious and the settlers have to retreat south of Vesubia.
Joan Moorkroft is burned at the stake by Flaems for illegal clericism.
786 AC Joachim von Drachenfels succeeds in negotiation with the elves, who join the fight against the Flaems. Don Miguel de Belcadiz and Charan Erewan lead elven troops.
Another lucky strike comes at fall, when an Alphatian mage named Halzunthram contacts Joachim and offers his help. He would ally with Joachim and bring a contingent of Alphatian battlemages with him.
788 AC The Flaems are totally defeated at the Battle of Braastar. In the battle Don Alfonso de Belcadiz kills King of Braejr, Willem van Drees, after he had killed his father Don Miguel. After the victory Joachim von Drachenfels dies in heart attack.
Don Fernando assumes kingship of the elves. No one protests against this violation of conduct because of the difficult times.

In the peace negotiations after that all parties agree to establish Republic of the Highlands. The Flaems withdraw all claims to the lands south of Isoile and Fen rivers and all lands east of Vesubia and Fen rivers are assigned to the elves. The parties also agree to establish a council composed of 3 Flaems, 2 elves, 1 Kerendan, 1 Thyatian and 1 Hattian to rule the country. Halzunthram is left out.

With Sigmund von Drachenfels's help Halzunthram captures the council when it meets for the first time. Halzunthram declares the Highlands an Alphatian colony and proclaims himself High Governor.

Thyatian and Kerendans also submit to the coup. Titus Glantri is promised a title of duke and Ottone di Sfonti a title of viscount.

Elves make a daring strike under the leadership of Don Alfonso de Belcadiz and release the imprisoned Flaemish and elven council members. Elves declare their independence and the Flaems revolt. Many Flaemish lycanthropes die or are executed during following battles.

789 AC Claudio Glantri dies in Thyatis City.
Hadriana Glantri, Titus's daughter, arrives to Highlands with his infant son Alexander.
791 AC Tostian's sons Vortram and Geilan arrive to Highlands from Alphatia.

794 AC Thyatians and Kerendans open secret negotiations with the Flaems.

795 AC Ottone di Sfonti dies in his sleep.

796 AC Thyatians and Kerendans join the rebellion against Halzunthram's rule.

Elves again refuse to take any parts in human affairs.
797 AC Titus Glantri dies for wounds got in a battle.

800 AC Alphatian battlemages destroy Castle Glantri.

801 AC At the spring Halzunthram declares that the rebels are vanquished. He begins to divide the country among his followers and to give titles to them. To Sigmund von Drachenfels he offers the position of Count of Ritterburg, but only if he will remove his house and Hattian followers to the area west of Aalban River in the north. Halzunthram wants the area where the Hattians are living for himself. Much to the other Hattians' dismay Sigmund agrees and the Hattians are thus forced to move to the area assigned to them the following year. There Sigmund orders a new magnificent castle to be built for his family and guests: this will later be known as Schloß Ritterburg. He gives baronies of Adlerturm, Altendorf, Graez and Leenz to his loyal friends.

Hadriana joins her troops with the troops of Matteo di Sfonti and leaves her son Alexander with di Sfonti-family.

Vortram sends his wife and daughter back to Alphatia.

802 AC A revolt threatens Halzunthram's control over the region. Dissidents have been negotiating with the elves and the Ethengarians living east of the Colossus Mountains and in this year the Ethengarians agree to join the fight against Halzunthram. The rebels promise them area in the west side of mountains if they win. They have also been negotiating with Etienne d'Ambreville in the west and with Morphail Gorewitch-Woszlany in the northeast, but they both decide to stay out of this fighting. Also the Kaelics, who have retreated to the mountains, don't want to take any part in these events.
Rebels threaten Braejr. Only Hadriana Glantri's stubbornness prevents the victory.

Goldrush; many dwarves from Rockhome arrive to the area.

803 AC Halzunthram makes Tostian the first Count of Silverston. Then Tostian gives Viscounties of Eriadna, Redstone and Volnay to his henchmen.

804 AC Halzunthram realises that he could enlist the dwarves as fresh troops. Fatefully, in that same year a plague begins to spread in the area and many people starts to blame the dwarves for that because they seemed the only ones unaffected.

Lycanthropes seem to be especially vulnerable to plague - only few survive.

Matteo di Sfonti starts again negotiations with the Belcadiz-elves.

805 AC Hattian and dwarven troops beat Hadriana Glantri totally at the battle Vorstadt. Hadriana escapes to Wendar. Galeazzo di Sfonti returns to Sirecchia.
Escaping dwarves establish small communities at the mountains of Nagpur, Gunjab and Peshmir.
806 AC With the help of the dwarves the war reach a stalemate situation until the Belcadiz-elves finally join the fight in this year because of the dwarves fighting for Halzunthram. Halzunthram has to bring again more troops from Alphatia to compensate the situation.

808 AC Erewans join the war.

809 AC Hadriana Glantri lead some Wendarian mercenaries to Boldavia.

810 AC Grizzly bear kills Tostian.

811 AC Wilhelm von Drachenfels marries Charlana, the niece of Halzunthram.

Hadriana Glantri lead his Wendarian and Boldavian troops to the central Highlands.
813 AC Sigmund von Drachenfels dies in a hunting accident. Wilhelm von Drachenfels starts secret negotiations with the rebels.
Edward Moorkroft, sword of Jeremy Moorkroft and party of Flaemish lords are obliterated in a huge wildstorm of magic, fire and wind.
818 AC Alexander Glantri and Matteo di Sfonti kill Hadriana Glantri.
Rodolphus Vlaardoen accuses his son Achilles for treason and conspires with the Alphatian and executes him.
820 AC Halzunthram finds out that Wilhelm von Drachenfels is negotiating with the rebels. Wilhelm openly switches to the rebels' side.
Vortram begins to question Halzunthram's possibilities to win a war. He contacts other Alphatian nobles and begins to negotiate with Wilhelm von Drachenfels.
821 AC Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany and his Traladarans join the fight against Halzunthram and Alphatian nobles also switch side tired of Halzunthram's promises for quick ending of the war. Potiorek, Viscount of Eriadna, is killed by his son Lendup, because he refuses to betray Halzunthram.

822 AC Halzunthram brings again more troops from Alphatia. His troops capture Matteo di Sfonti, who is executed later.

824 AC Friedrich von Drachenfels arrives to Nouvelle Averoigne to be teach in magical arts by Etienne d'Ambreville.

825 AC Rodolphus Vlaardoen dies of exposure to cold.

827 AC Michel Vlaardoen fell in battle.

828 AC Leader of the rebel coalition, Lord Alexander Glantri ambushes and captures Halzunthram. Galeazzo di Sfonti falls in battle. Halzunthram is imprisoned in the Tower of Sigh. The Forty Years War is finally over.

Dwarves are expelled. Some of them move to Darokin. Some of them travel from there to Minrothad Islands. They settle at the Fortress Island.
829 AC Alexander Glantri declares the Republic of Highlands founded. There will be a parliament composed of two bodies to rule the republic: the Council and the House of Lords. The House of Lords is open to all nobles, while the Council will be formed by six members to represent major population groups: one member for Flaems, one for Ethengarians, one for Thyatians and Kerendans, one for Alphatians who betrayed Halzunthram, one for Traladarans who also join the Republic and one for Hattians and Alphatians who stayed loyal to Halzunthram. Elves decide again to withdraw from the affairs of humans.
Members of the new Council are Alexander Glantri, Wilhelm von Drachenfels, Frederick Vlaardoen, Birkai Virayana, Morphail Gorevitch-Woszlany and Vortram. At the first meeting other members decide that the capital city of Braejr would now on be known as Glantri City. They also divide the Council positions: Vlaardoen was named Supreme Judge, Glantri Chancellor, Vortram Chamberlain and Virayana Treasurer. Morphail is charged of building a fort on the Ethengarian border and von Drachenfels on the Wendarian Mountains.

Alexander Glantri is made the first Archduke of Westheath.

830 AC Jherek Virayana I, a younger brother of Birkai Khan, leaves Krondahar to wander the Ethengar Steppes, learning the mysticism of hakomons and shamans. In his travels, he discovers the Spirit World and the Nightmare Dimension. Eventually, he becomes a master of a strange Dream Magic.

831 AC Geilan, brother of Viscount Vortram, is murdered.

833 AC Alphatia withdraws all claims to the Highlands. Halzunthram is send back to Alphatia.

834 AC Wild boar kills Viscount Astolfo di Sfonti.

835 AC In the end of year one of the most dramatic Council meetings takes place. There are no controversial issues to debate and all is going smoothly until Vortram suddenly blasts Alexander Glantri to ashes. Before others get Vortram down, he also manages to kill Birkai Virayana. Vortram is promptly executed the day after, declared insane by the three remaining Council members. Lucchino di Sfonti is appointed new Chancellor, becoming Thyatians' and Kerendans' representative after Glantri. The following week the Council pass a law in memoriam of Lord Glantri and the land is officially renamed Republic of Glantri.

Alphatians have vote for their new representative. Choice is between Ambrosion, Vortram's nephew and new Count of Silverston, and Lendup, Viscount of Eriadna. Ambrosion is elected by 3 votes to 2. He follows his uncle also as a Chamberlain.
838 AC Building of Circus Lizzieni is started.

840 AC Wilhelm von Drachenfels dies.

842 AC Fort Nordling is finished.

843 AC Vortram's daughter Mariadna comes back from Alphatia and demands the position of Countess of Silverston for herself. Viscounts of Eriadna and Redstone support him, while Viscount of Volnay and Baron of Egorn support Ambrosion. So-called Alphatian War begins.

Interventionist-Party (IP) and Non-Activist Party (NAP) are born in Parliament.
845 AC Etienne d'Ambreville petitions acceptance of Nouvelle Averoigne to join Glantri and permission to construct a school for magic-users in Glantri City. Etienne is made Viscount of Sylaire and Giles Grenier Viscount of Fausseflammes. Construction of the Great school begins. Etienne finds the Radiance and uses it to achieve Immortality.
Richard & Isidore d'Ambreville are appointed as the werewolf executioners in Nouvelle Averoigne.

County of Wylon is established.

Moritz Vlaardoen dies in laboratory accident.

Marble mine of Verrazzano is opened.

847 AC Arden, Viscount of Redstone, is killed in skirmish with Volnay's troops.

849 AC Lucchino di Sfonti is murdered in the opening of Circus Lizzieni.

Baron Malcolm McAllister of Uigmuir and his hold household are found dead.
850 AC Richard & Isidore d'Ambreville are infected with lycanthropy.
Giovanni di Sfonti adopts his niece Matteo.

Moritz Vlaardoen dies in smallpox.

852 AC Etienne d'Ambreville, who is now prominent member in the House of Lords, tells Friedrich von Drachenfels about his ideas of making Glantri a state ruled by magic-users only.
Vitalin Aendyr, son of Mariadna, arrives from Alphatia.

By now Alliance of Wizards (AW) had substituted IP in Parliament.

853 AC Alexius Glantri takes the title of Archduke of Westheath.
Mariadna and Ambrosion's wife and son die. Ambrosion and Vitalin made an agreement, in which Vitalin is named as Ambrosion's heir. End of Alphatian War.
854 AC Friedrich von Drachenfels is chosen as a new Chancellor after the death of Giovanni di Sfonti in bubonic plague. Jacob Vlaardoen is chosen as a new Chamberlain after the death of Ambrosion. Matteo di Sfonti is new Treasurer and Vitalin Aendyr new Viceroy of Nordling.
Matteo di Sfonti's election to be a Council representative for Thyatians/Kerendans is challenged in vain by Alexius Glantri.

Vitalin Aendyr marries Eriadna, cousin of Viscount Bias of Eriadna.

855 AC Treasurer Matteo di Sfonti is murdered. After furious infighting his cousin Borso emerges as only contender for viscountship. Alexius Glantri tries again to gain a position of Council representative.
Council members decide that they will declare Glantri magic-user ruled country in 858, 30 years after the end of 40 years war.

NAP is split when lesser nobles form their own party lead by Viscount Julius Kern.

856 AC Friedrich von Drachenfels begins a secret negotiations with the elven leaders Don Fernando de Belcadiz and Charan Erewan. He wants them to join Glantri after 858. He promises them their own principality.

858 AC During the Light of Rad -session the Council declares that nobility is for now on limited to magic-users and makes its members as hereditary Princes. For now on state is known as Principalities of Glantri.

859 AC Wizards expel illegal nobles and crush a minor rebellion. Alexius Glantri flees to Darokin, Gisefroi Vantte to Glantrian Mountains and Julius Kern to area of modern Sablestone. Viscounty of Ostbruck and Barony of Vorstadt are taken into Council jurisdiction.

Prince Toktai Virayana defeats Marquis Humudin Tsembu in a first formal duel. After that whole Tsembu family is executed according to best Ethengarian traditions. Marquisate of Braastar is incorporated in Krondahar. Marquisate of Tajistan is dissolved.

County of Kopstar and Barony of Altendorf are incorporated in Bergdhoven, Viscounties of Eriadna and Volnay in Blackhill, Baronies of Graez and Leenz in Aalban, Barony of Oreggiano in Caurenze and Barony of Rymskigrad in Boldavia.

Friedrich of Drachenfels is made a first Warden of Marches.

The Elven Principality is created and Don Fernando de Belcadiz made its first Prince. He is given the task to build a fort against the Broken Lands. Charan Erewan takes a seat at the House of Lords as Marquis of Ellerovyn. Also Marquisate of Satolas and County of Soth-Kabree are established for elves.

Viscounty of Nathrat and Barony of Vladimirov are established.

861 AC Elves finish Fort Monteleone.

862 AC Don Fernando de Belcadiz is chosen as Chamberlain of the Land after the death of Johan Vlaardoen II in the hands of highwaymen.

864 AC Dieter Lowenroth, one of the last rebel nobles, is captured and executed.

866 AC Last of the rebels against the Light of Rad decision, Bruno and Kurt von Drachenfels and Eberhard Wechsen, give up their arms and stop fighting after the death of Bogdo Khan. They are then expelled to Darokin.

868 AC Friedrich von Drachenfels publishes his celebrated book about warfare and magic, Über Kriege und Magie, which later became a must-read for all Glantrian military leaders.

869 AC Dona Charlena de Belcadiz, on her way back home from a visit to his brother Charan, is slain in an ambush by some orcs. Don Fernando blames his brother-in-law for his wife's death and breaks all relations with Erewans.

Vitalin Aendyr's wife Eriadna leaves him.

870 AC Jherek Virayana, now known as "Jherek the Dream-Walker" returns to Krondahar teaching Dream Magic. He takes as his first disciples, the battlemage Nayan Virayana, the scholar Yamun Krinagar, and his grandnephew Kublai Virayana, the eldest son and heir apparent of Prince Toktai.

875 AC The Great School is completed; Étienne d'Ambreville becomes the Grand Master and a Prince of Nouvelle Averoigne.

Also Principality of Klantyre is created in this year. First Prince is Robert McGregor, who is given the task to build a fort on the western border with Sind.

Don Fernando de Belcadiz begins to give lectures in the Great School.

Charan Erewan starts lobbying for his own principality.

878 AC Borso di Sfonti dies in food poisoning.

879 AC Leopol Pieinants takes a rulership of Fenswick. He lets his seneschal Baltasaer de Woens to rule the area. De Woens is cruel man who torments local people at every opportunity.

882 AC Andries Vlaardoen III dies in Linden in nondescript circumstances.

883 AC Vitalin Aendyr's three oldest sons try to kill him. Vitalin executes oldest and throws two younger into jail.

884 AC Elven Principality is divided in two principalities. Council decides to take Fort Ylourgne from Nouvelle Averoigne under the direct control of the Council and elects new Prince Charan Erewan as its viceroy.

Vitalin Aendyr releases his sons after they have promised not try to kill him anymore.
885 AC Bernabo di Sfonti dies.

886 AC Friedrich von Drachenfels dies. There is a national mourning. Vitalin Aendyr is chosen to be new Chancellor.

Council decides that now on every noble must be a graduate from Great School.
887 AC Toktai Virayana takes Anneke Vandeeker as his fourth wife. Great uproar in Bergdhoven and amongst Flaems.

889 AC Willem Vlaardoen IV is chosen as a new Chancellor after the death of Vitalin Aendyr.

Pelagiri Aendyr gets the position of Warden of Marches.

Baron Alexius Glantri dies in Darokin.

893 AC Albrecht von Drachenfels marries Selena Aendyr, cousin of Prince Pelagiri Aendyr.

894 AC Viscounty of Bergen is created.

895 AC Owain Aendyr marries Isidora Cornhearst.

896 AC Supreme Judge Toktai Virayana dies. Since his eldest son Kublai is not present to succeed him, the throne is passed to the second son, Momai. Prince Momai becomes Viceroy of Ylrourgne.

Château d'Ambreville disappears from Nouvelle Averoigne without trace taking d'Ambreville's with it. The Council forbids new settlement in the area.

Don Fernando de Belcadiz is chosen as new Grandmaster. Charan Erewan succeeds him as Chamberlain. Kenneth McGregor is new Supreme Judge and Galeazzo di Sfonti new Treasurer.

897 AC Ernst von Drachenfels dies for over-eating.
Gepin Aendyr is murdered.
898 AC New immigration wave, population mixes freely; tension are lessened. Among the immigrants is Vincenzo di Malapietra.

899 AC Pelagiri Aendyr is killed fighting against band of ogres.

902 AC Albrecht von Drachenfels is elected as a new Chancellor after the death of Willem Vlaardoen IV. Flaemish purists murder Willem according the rumours. Owain Aendyr is elected as a new Treasurer after the death of Galeazzo di Sfonti.

Charan Erewan finds the Radiance.
906 AC Antonie Vlaardoen V is elected as a new Supreme Judge after the death of Kenneth McGregor.

908 AC By now whole Treasury is in the pocket of Owain Aendyr.

Jherek Virayana mysteriously dies. Kublai and Nayan duel to establish superiority in the Secret Craft. Nayan is killed. Kublai is henceforth known as "Jherek, son of Jherek the Dream-Walker."

912 AC Don Fernando de Belcadiz gives up his position as Prince to his brother Don Alfonso, which also mean that he will give up his position as Grandmaster. He goes back to Alhambra and commits suicide only two months later.

Don Alfonso de Belcadiz is chosen as a new Supreme Judge, when Antonie Vlaardoen V, previous Supreme Judge, is chosen as a new Grandmaster.

Gianmaria di Sfonti is drowned.

914 AC Jerome Moorkroft kills Baltasaer de Woen at the gates of Fenswick Keep.

915 AC Maas Vandehaar chosen as a Head of the Spokesman Guild.

916 AC Viscount Idwal Terlagand begins to export Bergen Ardjes throughout Glantri.

920 AC Economic agreement is signed with Darokin. In it is guaranteed a free passage for all merchant caravans. Trade is booming in Glantri City.

Grandmaster Antonie Vlaardoen V is found dead in his laboratory.

Prince Momai Virayana becomes the new Grandmaster. Kublai, now known as Jherek II, returns to Krondahar and requests his younger brother to relinquish his title to him, but Prince Momai refuses. Jherek continues his life as a wandering mage.

921 AC Investigations reveal that the Treasurer of the Council Owain Aendyr had taken heavy bribes from some Darokinian merchants for his support of agreement last year. It is also discovered that he had stolen money from the treasury. Owain is promptly removed from the Treasury and fell in disgrace. This breaks relations between Albrecht von Drachenfels and his wife's relatives in Blackhill.
Isaac Vlaardoen VI is chosen as a new Treasurer.
924 AC Cadwallon Aendyr marries Thendara, distant relative of the Emperor of Alphatia.

927 AC Isaac Vlaardoen VI is murdered. He is succeeded by his brother Simon as Prince, Treasurer and Viceroy of Ylourgne.

929 AC Jherek Virayana III meets the remarkable elf maiden Bethys Erewan while adventuring in the Colossus Mountains. After a short romance, Jherek crafts Jherek's Eyemask of Sleepscrying and Bethys' Diadem of Dreamsharing to maintain contact with the future Clan Oracle of Erewan.

930 AC Francesco di Malapietra vanishes.

Jherek Virayana II again asks his brother to step down, but Prince Momai, emboldened by his Radiance magic, refuses. Jherek II goes into exile in the Colossus Mountains.

932 AC Filippo di Sfonti closes Circus Lizzieni because of the maintenance costs.

934 AC Future Princes Willem and Wilfrid Vlaardoen celebrate double weddings when they marry Maria-Katarina Verlien, nephew of Count Vexier Verlien, and Magda Pieinants, daughter of Duke Edelmiro Pieinants.

935 AC Barony of Mariksen is created.

936 AC Malcolm McGregor is elected as a new Treasurer after the death of Simon Vlaardoen VII.

937 AC Don Alfonso de Belcadiz is given a title of Warden of Marches, because of his superior war experience.

Filippo di Sfonti becomes a Treasurer.
939 AC Francesco di Malapietra returns to Glantri City.

940 AC Albrecht von Drachenfels dies. New prince Johann von Drachenfels is made Viceroy of Ylourgne. New Chancellor is Pieter Vlaardoen VIII.

Jherek Virayna II demands Prince Momai to abdicate in his favour for the third time. Prince Momai sends assassins, who are foiled by Jherek's Wilful Sash of Sleepguarding, then finally a Radiance-powered golem, who only succeeds in killing Jherek's wife Qemur. Jherek returns to Krondahar to confront his brother, but is killed by a Radiance-powered fireball from a rare Flaemish spell. Jherek Virayna III flees Glantri.

941 AC Francesco di Malapietra marries Lucina di Sfonti, youngest daughter of Prince Filippo.

942 AC Plagued by dreams of "The Convergence of Power" urging him to return to Glantri and reclaim the throne of Krondahar, Jherek III returns to Glantri and hides at the Great School of Magic, where he masters the craft of Dream Magic.

944 AC Lothar "Big Mc" McDonald, a cunning politician and military wizard from Klantyre and a ruthless despot, becomes the Duke of Fenswick. Within the same year, Duke Lothar begin his reign of terror in Fenswick, imprisoning and executing many of the locals who oppose his rule.

946 AC Robert Moorkroft marries Anne Beaumarys.

947 AC Filippo di Sfonti, last of the di Sfonti Princes, dies at heart attack. Francesco di Malapietra emerges as a next Prince of Caurenze.

Chancellor Pieter Vlaardoen VIII is drowned in icy water. New Chancellor is Cadwallon Aendyr.
949 AC Francesco di Malapietra opens Circus Lizzieni again.
Robert Moorkroft kills Duke Lothar McDonald in battle.

950 AC Jherek Virayana III challenges Prince Momai in a duel for the Principality. The night before, Prince Momai is plagued by nightmares, and at the duel, suddenly dies of fright. Jherek III becomes Prince of Krondahar and Viceroy of Ylourgne.

Johann von Drachenfels is chosen as a new Grandmaster.

957 AC Because of his erratic behaviour Johann von Drachenfels is lowered to Viceroy of Nordling and Charan Erewan is made Grandmaster instead of him.

Francesco di Malapietra is new Chamberlain and Villem Vlaardoen IX new Treasurer.
959 AC Count Garnaar Verlien dies when he accidentally blows up his tower in High Sonden.

961 AC Johann von Drachenfels disappears.

Flaemish racists murder Willem Vlaardoen IX. His successor Wilfrid Vlaardoen X continues his duties as a Treasurer and Viceroy of Monteleone.
966 AC Georg von Drachenfels is chosen as Chamberlain after Francesco di Malapietra's death in smallpox. Mario di Malapietra is made Viceroy of Nordling.

970 AC Mariana Terlagand dies. Guildmaster of Spokesmen Guild Rannigar Budulug and his assistant Narda Shelyn keep the matter secret.

Thar imprisons baroness Myra McDuff, begets the child to her (Angus McClintock) and kills her. Troops from Fort Nordling drive him and his army back to mountains. Myra becomes a ghost, who pretends that he is still alive.

Diplomatic relations is established with Wendar.

972 AC Chancellor Cadwallon Aendyr kills himself in a bout of insanity. Mario di Malapietra is new Chancellor.
Wilfrid Vlaardoen X dies at heart attack. He is succeeded by his son Vanserie as a Treasurer and Viceroy of Monteleone.
973 AC Charan Erewan succumbs to Radiance. His son Celedrin is chosen as Viceroy of Ylourgne.

975 AC John Beaumarys-Moorkroft marries Agatha Hillsbury, daughter of Duke Edward Hillsbury of Fenswick.

978 AC Georg von Drachenfels dies. His son Morgaithe is chosen as Viceroy of Ylourgne.

Celedrin Erewan is new Chamberlain.
979 AC d'Ambreville's and their estates return to Nouvelle Averoigne. Château d'Ambreville is destroyed and House of Sylaire is erected at its place. Sire Malachie du Marais and Dame Genevieve de Sephora come to Glantri from Old Averoigne. Epidemic of wolf-lycanthropy begins.
Etienne is confirmed a status of prince again. He demands position of Grandmaster for himself, but is denied. At the end he is chosen as Viceroy of Monteleone, which position Vanserie Vlaardoen XI is relieved to give him.

Barony of Pavlova is created.

980 AC Catharine d'Ambreville goes to Thyatis City as ambassador.
Duke Edward Hillsbury blows himself and his laboratories up, messing with Radiance.
983 AC Morgaithe von Drachenfels falls in battle against the orcs and humanoid raiders kill Celedrin Erewan. Morgaithe's son Jaggar and Celedrin's wife Carlotina continue their predecessors charges.
County of Touraine, Viscounty of Malinbois and Barony of Morlay are created.
983-987 AC Jaggar von Drachenfels butchers all humanoids in the neighbourhood of Fort Ylourgne.

984 AC Viscount John Beaumarys-Moorkrofts divorces from his wife Agatha and marries Lady Winifred Merryweather.

985 AC Don Alfonso de Belcadiz names his daughter Carnelia as his heir.

Canine Protection Society is founded.

Prince Jherek Virayana III falls to his death on Naked Mountain, while searching for the legendary Snowtree in the Colossus Mounts. His son Jherek IV succeeds him as Prince of Krondahar and High Master of Dream Magic. Prince Jherek IV becomes Viceroy of Monteleone.

989 AC Jaggar von Drachenfels marries Gertrude Krema.
Barony of Oxhill is created.
991 AC Supreme Judge dons Alfonso de Belcadiz is killed. Jherek Virayana IV is new Supreme Judge. Carnelia de Belcadiz is made Vice-Queen of Monteleone.
One month later Chancellor Mario di Malapietra is poisoned in reception of foreign ambassadors. Volospin Aendyr is chosen as a new Chancellor, Jaggar von Drachenfels gets viceroyalty of Nordling and the new Prince of Caurenze, Innocenti di Malapietra, gets viceroyalty of Ylourgne, much to Etienne d'Ambrevilles great annoy.

Marquisate of Dunvegan and County of Skullhorn Pass are created.

994 AC Jaggar von Drachenfels is given the position of Warden of Marches because of his brilliant strikes against humanoids of Broken lands.
Viscounty of Castelbianco is created.
995 AC Morphail Gorewich-Woszlany murders baron Nikolai Markovitch.
Tatyana Gorewich-Woszlany meets Claude d'Ambreville.
999 AC Gerrid Rientha returns to Glantri.

1001 AC Council approves use of clerical magic with strict regulations.

1003 AC Council of Princes approves Act of Enfiefment in Bramyra, ending years of chaotic contests for control of area.

1004 AC Council of Princes approves Act of Enfiefment in area of Fort Sablestone.

Alphatian Council of Wizards issues documents accusing Glantrian Great School of Magic of harbouring followers of Entropic Immortals and using forbidden, evil varieties of magic.

Jaggar von Drachenfels becomes Chamberlain of the Land.

1005 AC Council of Princes approves Act of Enfiefment for Vallée des Loups in favour of Sire Malachie du Marais after his marriage with Vicomtesse Diane de Moriamis.
Alphatia proclaims war against Glantri. Glantri, Thyatis and Heldannic Knights declare war against Alphatia. Alphatian wizards conjure hordes of monsters in Glantri.
1006 AC Master of Hule formally curses those who have defeated him. Few days later enormous meteor slams into northern Darokin. Impact destroys entire range of mountains and creates Great Crater, dozens of miles in diameter. Principalities of Blackstone and Caurenze are devastated, as is most of Darokin north of Lake Amsorak. Counties of Redstone, Soth-Kabree and Wylon as well as Viscounty of Nathrat are destroyed.
Barony of Ylourgne is created.
1007 AC Thar leads largest humanoid horde in living memory to Glantri, within few weeks Glantri City is armed camp besieged by thousands of humanoids.

1008 AC Plague reaches Glantri, council of Princes of Glantri decides temporarily suspend regulations about clerics and appeal to Darokin for clerical help.

Thar retreats from Glantri and tries to attack Darokin.
1009 AC Harald of Haaskinz chosen as Grand Master of Great School of Magic after Etienne d'Ambreville's disappearance. Juliana Vlaardoen inherits principality of Bergdhoven.
Heldannic Knights launch expeditionary force to Glantri's rescue. They join Darokin army in time to push Thar's remaining forces down into Crater.

Sundsvall, Capital of Alphatia, destroyed by magical storm, Eriadna dies, clerics cannot commune with their Immortals, magic does not return to world for full week, when magic returns Thousand Wizards teleport to skies above Glantri City and begin to bombard city with fire, lightning and death. Doomsday Weapon activates Nucleus of Spheres; Alphatia sinks into sea.

Rebuffed from Glantri proper, Thar and his humanoids occupy and fortify Great Crater.

1010 AC Council of Princes approves Act of Enfiefment for Fenswick.
Henri and Isidore d'Ambreville duel over Nouvelle Averoigne, Henri dies.

1011 AC Isidore d'Ambreville becomes Chamberlain of Land. Council of princes approves Act of Enfiefment for New Kolland.

1015 AC Prince Jherek Virayana IV dies protecting Krondahar from the invading Ethengar hordes. The succession of his title is put to question. By the influence of the Council of Princes, and against Krondaharan traditions, his wife Lan-Syn Virayana becomes Princess of Krondahar. She also becomes High Mistress of Dream Magic.

1016 AC The sons and other wives of Jherek Virayana IV contest Lan-Syn's succession. Ralindi Virayana is then confirmed as Prince of Krondahar, sparking the Principalities' Rights debate at Parliament.

1017 Ralindi Virayana accepts the new council charge of Royal Merchant-Mage, Malachie du Marais takes over the new council charge of Warden of Marches and Angus McGregor becomes Viceroy of Angusburg.

Duchy of Taterhill is created.

1018 Prince Ralindi Virayana marries Rina Krinagar in an arranged marriage, ending his love affair with Ysabel de Fedorias.