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Words of Wisdom

by Bruce Heard

Here are a few quotes to "embellish" the Heldannic posts, which I shamelessly ripped off from RW historical characters! :o)

"Seven hundred brethren from the Church of Vanya with the guidance of its priests built a fort in the Heldann Freeholds beside a sacred oak tree. It is said at first they had to fight a vast horde of natives, beyond numbers, but as time passed -- perhaps fifty-three years -- they exterminated them so that no one remained who would not bow his neck to the yoke of faith; this with the help of Our Lady of Vanya who is blessed for ever and ever. Amen."

Petrus von Schlossburg
"Chronica Terra Heldannica", III, 3.

"...such are they whom Vanya chooses for herself and gathers from the furthest ends of this world, servants from among the bravest in Hattias to guard watchfully and faithfully her Sepulchre and the Temple of Our Lady, sword in hand, ready for battle."

Bernhardt von Klarwald
Historiae Heldanicae Scriptores Exteria

"Rejoice brave warrior, if you live and conquer in Our Lady's Name, but rejoice still more and give thanks if you die and go to join Her. This life can be fruitful and victory is glorious yet a holy death for righteousness is worth more. Certainly 'blessed are they who die in Our Lady' but how much more so are those who die for Her."

Bernhardt von Klarwald
Scriptores Rerum Heldanicarum

"Who wills not war, let war his portion be."

Popular Heldannic proverb.

"They are seen to be a strange and bewildering breed, meeker than lambs, fiercer than lions. I do not know whether to call them monks or knights because though both names are correct, one lacks the monk's gentleness the other a knight's pugnacity."

Bernhardt von Klarwald
De Laude Novae Militiae, AC 979

"Never do they idle or wander where fancy takes them. If not campaigning -- a rare occurrence -- instead of enjoying a well-earned reward these warriors are busy repairing their weapons and clothes, patching up rents or refurbishing old ones and making good any shortcomings before doing whatever else the Master and the Community may command."

Bernhardt von Klarwald
De Laude Novae Militiae, AC 979

"To avoid confusing our warriors with that soldiery which belongs to Thanatos rather than Our Patron we will now speak briefly of the life these Knights of Vanya lead on campaign or in the Convent, what it is they prize, and why soldiers of Vanya are so different from those of the world."

Bernhardt von Klarwald
De Laude Novae Militiae, AC 979

"Glory lies under the shadow of swords."

Popular Heldannic proverb

"Whom shall I fear? Our Lady is the protector of my life: Of whom shall I be afraid? ... If armies in camp should stand together against me, my heart shall not fear. If a battle should rise up against me, in this will I be confident."

Psalm 26, Vania illuminatio mea

"And thou hast girded me with strength unto battle: and hast subdued under me them that rose up against me; and thou hast made my enemies turn their back upon me; and thou hast destroyed them that hated me. They cried but there was none to save them ... And I shall beat them as small as the dust against the wind: I shall bring them to nought, like the dirt in the streets."

Psalm 17, Diligam te, Vaniae

"Take this sword: its brightness stands for Faith, its point for Glory, its guard for the Law. Use it wisely..."

Heldannic Rite of Profession