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Care to Plunder Freiburg?

by Bruce Heard

A few sundry details for number-lovers among us!

The Garrison of Freiburg
Hv. Inf.......767
Lt. Inf......1,340
S. Brethren.....26
Total....... 5,000

Horses: 2,422
Spare Horses: 802
Total: 3,224

Ballistae: 25
Hv Catapults: 12
Lt Belchers: 12
Hv Belchers: 6
Total: 55

I had to change some of the figures about siege weaponry, adding some that are permanently assigned to the four main garrisons (Freiburg, Altendorf, etc...) They are included above and their crews are drawn from the garrisons' military personnel.

Primates: 2
Bishop: 1
Abbots: 8
Priors & Chaplains: 68
Serving Brethren: 672
Total: 750

Sorry for the misaligned items.

Equipment kept in stores (in addition to equipment currently in use) -- FYI Freiburg has a quarter of all stockpiled equipment. The latter is roughly equal to a quarter of all equipment currently used. That's a lot of daggers! You can figure the rest.

Plate Armour: 334
Plate Mail: 230
Leather: 693
Shields: 625
Horse Barding: 334
Horse Tack
& Harnesses: 334

Dagger 1,257
Short Sword 558
Bastard Sword 333
2H Sword 84
Battleaxe 115
Horseman Mace 84
Warhammer 84
Pike 291
Lance 334

Long Bow 133
Crossbow 133

Figure stores also include about 100 arrows and 100 quarrels per archer/crossbowman, or 13,300 each. Phew...

Tabards & Robes: 4,000+

Not to forget a good portion of the Ordensland's treasury which could be anywhere from 20,000-40,000 gp.