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by Bruce Heard

For the sake of simplicity, I've (ever so conveniently) exempted all rural population from cash taxes. Rural population does, however, provides the food and raw materials the Order needs. Likewise, neither the military nor the priesthood are taxable. This leaves the 24,877 townspeople, most of whom producing no food (*), to pay taxes in currency. The Freiburg poll tax comes to an average 8 sp per month per inhabitant, 5 sp for the other towns, and 2 sp for villages, which is higher than customary. The total monthly tax income of the Order amounts to:

Freiburg: 7,400 gp
Towns: 4,838 gp
Villages: 1,190 gp

(*) A fair portion of the civilian population in the vicinity of Freiburg is involved with fisheries, either as fishermen or workers preparing salted or smoked fish.

Add to this income the Order's direct exploitation of natural resources, including salt mines, newly discovered amber mines, timber, and production surplus from farming and fisheries, for a total of 3,000 gp per month.

Additional income comes from tolls collected at city gates and bridges, and port fees, for a total of 1,343 gp per month.

One of the most important sources of cash comes from the Church of Vanya in Hattias. Estimated numbers for the followers of Vanya in Hattias come to 500,000. At the average rate of 5 cp per faithful, more or less if this includes donations from the wealthier followers, this comes to 25,000 gp per month. This is a major portion of the Church of Vanya's income. Although theoretically independent from the Order, the Church pays the Heldannic Knights to support Vanya's Cause. The Order is heavily dependent upon its Church's generosity as without it much of its armed operations in the north would have been and still be nearly impossible.

The total cash income of the Order adds up to 42,771 gp per month. Okay Jim, you should be happy now, I hope!? By this time, the Order conducts banking operations, but much of its wealth remains tied with assets. By AC 1010 Heldannic assets could be worth somewhere between 100,000-200,000 gp. Available cash belonging to the pilgrims would average in the 10,000-20,000 gp.

The Ordensland's Monthly Budget

New Constructions: 6,416 gp (for ships, commanderies, abbeys, roads, bridges, fortifications, etc.)
Upkeep: 10,693 gp (maintenance of the above assets)
Military Costs: 19,247 gp (mostly appropriation of materials for weapons, equipment, and horses, and the indentured soldiers' pay*)
Operational Expenses: 4,277 gp (basically petty cash)
Treasury Allocation: 2,139 gp (which are added to the Order's treasury - presently at 51,325 gp).

(*) The pay of indentured soldiers averages out at 1 sp/mo.

The proportions of this budget are complete guesses on my part. Please feel free to comment, tweak, redo as more substantial info on national medieval budgeting comes to light! Hint, hint, Jim... :o)