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Hollow Moon Spells

by John Calvin

I came up with these spells after re-reading some of Sharon Dornhoff's posts on the hollow moon. I really like the idea of fungal druids (if you couldn't tell from the below spell descriptions). These guys could be a really creepy (but in a good way) addition to any campaign. I hope you enjoy the spells and will let me know what you think of them.

Druid Spells

Clear Path
Level : 2
Range : 20 square feet
Duration : Permanent
Effect : Clears organic detritus from a pathway.
This incantation is used to clear forest paths and trails of any dead undergrowth that may be blocking them. It can only be used to clear dead undergrowth, and will not affect living blockages. The druid sprinkles dust (specially gathered and treated spores) over the area to be affected as the material component of the spell. When the casting is complete, the spores sprout into voracious mushrooms which rapidly devour any detritus that they are on. In a matter of minutes all dead undergrowth is replaced by a soft fungal growth, easily cleared to allow passage.

Fungal Mat
Level : 2
Range : 20 square feet
Duration : The lifetime of the fungus
Effect : Creates a slippery fungal mat.
This spell produces a very slick and slippery fungal covering over the affected area. Anyone trying to traverse the mat at normal rates of speed must make a successful dexterity check or fall prone to the ground for one round. Those that are prone may make an additional dexterity check each round to regain their footing. The mat can be traversed at one half of normal movement rates with no chance of slipping. The material component of this spell is a handful of fungal spores that are thrown over the area of effect, as well as a moist nutrient filled area. The spell will have no effect if cast over barren ground as the fungi need organic matter to consume and grow.

Distil Essence
Level : 3
Range : 5 square feet
Duration : Permanent
Effect : Distils alchemical components from the
This spell is used by many to facilitate the gathering of rare, and hard to obtain, alchemical components. Mushroom spores are sprinkled over an area as the material component of the spell. The spores rapidly germinate and grow into various fungal forms. Over a period of minutes to hours (DMs determination, based upon the alchemical component being harvested) the fungi digest their surroundings, distilling out of them the desired alchemical substance (if it is present).

The fungi devour whatever they were sprinkled upon, eventually turning upon themselves, until only one of them remains. That fungal matrix then sprouts a single mushroom containing all of the desired substance which was in the area of effect. That mushroom can then be harvested and stored for later use.

Level : 3
Range : By touch
Duration : Permanent until dispelled or cured
Effect : Infects a victim with a rotting disease.
This spell functions much as Clear Path does, however it can only be cast on living subjects. Most often it is cast upon plant matter; a tree for example. Over a period of several days to a month (depending on the fortitude of the victim), a fungal growth slowly pervades its way into vital systems. Unless cured (by a Remove Poison, Cure Disease, Remove Curse, or similar spell), the rotting will ultimately cause the death of the victim.

Rot can also be cast upon animal life with detrimental effects. Although not directly fatal, the rotting mat cause death indirectly. Most often the effects of this spell in animal life take the form of yellowed and flaking nails followed by intense burning sensations in the hands and feet.

Mycelial Fingers
Level : 4
Range : Up to 2 miles
Duration : 48 hours
Effect : Extends the druid's senses through mycelia.
Through the use of this spell, the druid can extend his senses for up to two miles. The druid must plant his fingers and toes into the soil. When the spell takes effect mycelia (the long stringy portion of fungus that grows underground) sprout from his extremities and pervade the countryside. The mycelia grow outward radially from the druid at a rate of 100 yards per hour. In a day and a half the maximum distance of two miles is reached. The mycelia will only grow where it is possible for other fungus to grow, they will not grow over solid rock, or into large deposits of water.

The basic form of this spell allows the druid to feel all creatures that walk over the mycelia. The druid will sense where they are, and may be able to make a determination as to their race or species, but will not be able to distinguish specific individuals. More advanced forms of this spell allow the druid to add senses by creating specialised mushrooms (auditory and olfactory senses may be add in this way, as well as a minimal ability to "see" and to taste).

Mycelial Extension
Level : 6
Range : Up to 20 miles
Duration : Indefinite
Effect : Extends the druid's senses through mycelia
This is an advanced version of Mycelial Fingers which allows the druid to extend his sensed up to 20 miles in all directions. If the druid stays linked to the mycelia for more than 48 hours (and he would have to, to extend the mycelia for 20 miles) then the subterranean fungus begins to feed him with nutrients pulled in from the countryside. This may actually be very dangerous for the druid since in this state he will tend to loose track of time. Many druids have been known to stay in this state for periods of several years. It is believed by some that druids who stay in this state for too long will become a part of the landscape.

Mage Spells

True Colours
Level : 1
Range : Caster only
Duration : 1 turn
Effect : Allows caster to see true colours in dim lighting.
By casting this spell, the magic user is able to see the true colour of objects without the use of an external light source. The minor versions of this spell each allow for one wavelength to be seen; either red, yellow, or blue. The major version allows for all wavelengths to be seen.

The reverse of this spell, False Colours, also allows sight as if there was an external light source, but the colour spectrum is jumbled up. Objects which are red appear to be blue. Those that are blue appear yellow, etc...

Bestow Sight
Level : 2
Range : By touch
Duration : 1 turn
Effect : Allows recipient to see true colours in dim light.
This spell functions as True Colours, except that the caster can bestow the ability on others. This may be disorienting to those who are not prepared to receive the effects of the spell.

The minor version of this spell is cast upon a single recipient or target, while the major version can be cast as an area effect spell.

Show Colours
Level : 2
Range : By touch
Duration : 5 rounds, plus 1 round per level of the caster
Effect : Causes an objects true colours to be seen, even in dim light.
This spell functions in the same way as True Colours, however the ability to perceive the colours is not bestowed upon any individual. Instead the true colour emanates directly from the enchanted object for anyone to see.

The enchanted objects do not actually radiate any light, they simply appear to be their true colours.