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Hollow World Timeline

by Andrew Theisen

BC 10,000: The Brute-Men race is on the decline in the outer world. They are gradually being replaced by hardier, more adaptable races- the Neathar men, dwarves, elves, and halflings. (PWA1012)

BC 6000: The Hollow World is very sparsely populated. Many regions are inhabited by giant reptiles which are now extinct in the Outer World; the only sentient race in the Hollow World is a species of Neanderthal-like near-human. (HW)

BC 5500: Powerful burrowing monsters created by Thanatos infiltrate the Hollow World and begin to corrupt the Brute-Men culture there. (HW)

BC 5300: The Brute-Men tribes begin to fall upon one another in savage, irrational wars. These wars rage, off and on, for three centuries. (HW)

BC 5000: The Immortals destroy the corrupt elements of the Brute-Men culture, and then cast their Spell of Preservation on the Hollow World; now, sentient races placed within the Hollow World will always retain their distinctive characteristics. (HW)

BC 4000: With the situation on the outer world relatively stable, the Immortals confine themselves to placing a few human tribes and a few animal species within the Hollow World; this is a time of comparative peace there. (HW)

BC 3500: A large number of Neathar tribes are placed in the Hollow World so that the original Neathar culture will be preserved. They are placed to the north of the great equatorial mountain range, away from the Brute-Men. They swiftly grow in numbers and spread in all directions through the northern hemisphere. (HW)

BC 3300: Ka now implements Korotiku's ideas for a massive centre of mortal knowledge in the Hollow World. He instructs certain very wise beings of all sentient races to travel to a very secluded mountain valley; there, they are to interact, to build a great library, to accumulate and exchange knowledge. This secret library, protected by Ka all through its history, is to become the Lighthouse. (HW)

BC 3000: The Blackmoor explosion catches the Immortals off-guard; they cannot summon enough power to prevent its most harmful effects. The Blackmoor civilisation is eradicated before they can preserve any part of it. The Oltec and Azcan races are threatened with imminent extinction by the changing climate brought about by the Rain of Fire, so large numbers of both tribes are magically whisked to the Hollow World. They are placed in the land to the north of the great equatorial mountain range; the Azcans are located in the forests next to the sea, which they name the Aztlan Ocean. The Oltecs are placed to their southeast, with a great swamp separating them and the Azcans. Both races encounter the numerous Neathar tribes; the Oltecs leave them alone, while the Azcans wage war on the Neathar, always trying to expand their borders. (HW)

BC 3000-2500: Ka and his ally-Immortals must spend hundreds of years and incalculable magical energy to prevent the sudden change in the planet's axis from destroying whole regions of the Hollow World. The Immortals create new, gigantic, fog-clad openings to the outside world at the location of the new poles, and seal up the former (smaller) polar openings. They also work madly to preserve numerous Known World human tribes from extinction; these include some of the Tanagoro tribes. The Tanagoro are placed in the plains south of the great equatorial mountain range, south and west of the Brute-Men; the Tanagoro think of those races as monsters and keep well away from their hills and mountains. (HW)

BC 2410: It is obvious to the Immortals that the southern elves are doomed, but this leaves them with a quandary. They want to preserve that elvish culture, but not the technologies which nearly destroyed the world. They settle on a compromise: They will magically alter the devices upon which the elves have grown so dependent, so that these devices will operate in only one certain valley in the Hollow World. That way, the dangerous sciences of Blackmoor cannot infect any other part of the Hollow World. Many of the elves of the southern continent are transplanted to the Hollow World. They are placed in a warm, volcanically-heated series of valleys near the southern polar opening, far away from any of the other Hollow World cultures. (HW)

BC 2400: The Immortals are intrigued by the Beastmen. Since they are now beginning to breed in recognisable strains, the original "chaotic" race is threatened with extinction. The Immortals take a few Beastmen tribes, magically restore them to their original chaotic state, and lead them to the Hollow World. They don't magically transport the Beastmen into the Hollow World; they inspire one leader/coloniser to lead followers northward, and those Beastmen eventually wander their way into the Hollow World. They settle in the icy lands near the northern polar opening. (HW)

BC 1800: The dwarves transplanted to the Hollow World, who mostly belong to the Kogolor clans, thrive in their new lands. They have been placed in eastern mountains just north of the great equatorial mountain range, fairly distant from other sentient races; they have occasional contact with the Neathar tribes to the north and west, but are largely left to their own devices. (HW)

BC 1722: The Immortals Odin and Thor have sent whole Antalian tribes into the Hollow World, placing them in icy lands south and east of the Beastmen territories. The Antalians thrive in their new home, happily fighting among themselves, with the Beastmen to the north and with the Neathar tribes to the southwest. (HW)

BC 1650: A surviving clan of Glantrian elves from the outer world finds its way to the Hollow World through thousands of miles of subterranean passages. The tribe emerges in lands thickly occupied by hostile Neathar tribes and dinosaurs; they migrate northward, to lands similar to frozen Glantri, and settle in the mountains south of the Beastmen and west of the Antalians. They call their new land Icevale. (HW)

Atziann, elf-king and sole survivor of his clan, emerges in the Hollow World near the Azcan capital; fascinated by them, and using his magic to move unseen among them, he stays with the Azcans for several years before embarking on his own path to Immortality. (HW)

BC 1600: The Immortal Tarastia preserves several clans of the self-destructing Jennite culture, choosing to save only the more traditional horde. She transfers them to the Hollow World, placing them in the southern hemisphere, south of the forests and plains occupied by the Tanagoro tribesmen. The Jennites begin a fierce rivalry and occasional warfare with the Tanagoro men. (HW)

BC 1500: The elf-king Atziann, now calling himself Atzanteotl, achieves Immortality in the Sphere of Entropy and begins his plans to corrupt the Shadow Elves and the Azcan race. He begins whispering to selected Shadow Elves and Azcan rulers of the power and glory he can bring them, and lures them away from their faiths. Increasing numbers of Shadow Elves (especially those of the Schattenalfen clan) turn from the worship of Rafiel to that of Atzanteotl; likewise, many Azcans turn away from Otzitiotl and Kalaktatla. (HW- note that Shadow Elves didn't begin to worship Rafiel until finding the Refuge of Stone in 1104 BC- see GAZ13)

BC 1494: A terrible plague strikes Chitlacan, killing almost two-thirds of its population. Atruatzin, himself a survivor of the disease, is driven from Chitlacan by his rivals, who are secretly supported by the Immortal Atzanteotl. Atruatzin and his loyal followers retire to the mountain fortress of Quauhnahuac. (HWR1)

BC 1484: Driven by the whispers of Atzanteotl, and his own fears that Atruatzin may reclaim the throne, the treacherous new Azcan emperor leads a massive assault on Quauhnahuac. Everyone found in the fortress is slain or sacrificed, but of Atruatzin there is no trace. The priests curse the land on which Quauhnahuac is built, and sow salt among the ruins. (HWR1)

BC 1470: The Chochomecs (an Azcan tribe) desert Atacalpa, migrating to Oltec lands of the east. (HWR1)

BC 1468: Atruatzin and his followers find a resting place, where they build a temple to the old Immortals. They name it Mictlan, after the legendary land of the dead. (HWR1)

BC 1420: The underground elven wanderers stumble upon Mictlan, and overthrow the humans. Those elves who have been seduced by Atzanteotl declare that the temple is sacred to him, and he has given them victory over their enemies and a place to call home. These elves become the Schattenalfen. Most of the elves are uneasy about this alien Immortal, but they are weary, and so they settle and build the city of Aengmor. Atruatzin escapes alone. (HWR1)

BC 1400: A colonising party of Shadow Elves, mostly Schattenalf followers of Atzanteotl, retraces the path of that earlier, lost expedition, and finds the Hollow World. They emerge just north of the great equatorial mountain range, right in the middle of the Kogolor dwarf territory. They immediately begin a war against the dwarves, whose lands they want. The Immortal Kagyar causes Denwarf, the former leader of the Outer World's dwarves, to help the Kogolors against the Shadow Elves. (HW)

BC 1395: The Schattenalfen are badly beaten by the Kogolor dwarves and must break off the war. They continue travelling west, to an area not infested with dwarves, and settle there. But due north of their new lands are the Azcans, whose culture and architecture are disturbingly and insultingly like theirs (a result of Atzanteotl's guidance of the Schattenalf culture, though they don't know this); the Schattenalfen hate these people, whom they see as a mockery of their culture, and begin an ages-long war with the Azcans. (HW)

Kagyar places Denwarf in a state of suspended animation, transferring him to a cavern deep beneath the Dengar caverns of Rockhome. (HW)

BC 1290: Atzanteotl surrounds Aengmor with lava, slaying many underground elves. The survivors flee into the deepest tunnels and recesses below the Broken Lands. (GAZ13)

BC 1000: In the wake of the humanoid invasions, the Immortals are quite busy selecting endangered cultures for preservation in the Hollow World. The Traldar and many other cultures are preserved in this fashion. The Traldar are placed on the coast of the Aztlan Ocean right where the great equatorial mountains reach the ocean; they call that body of water the Atlass Ocean. They're south of the Schattenalfen and north of virgin territories. They quickly spread out to inhabit all their mountainous seacoast lands. Not co-operative enough among themselves to form an empire, they occupy themselves with pirate raids into Azcan territories. (HW)

Many Makai are transplanted to the Hollow World to preserve their culture in the face of Nithian assimilation. Placed in an archipelago south of the equator, they resume their carefree, peaceful existence. (HW)

Meanwhile, an expedition of Shadow Elves leaves the City of Stars in an effort to find the path to the surface world. Instead, they find their way to the Hollow World, where they are fatally poisoned by the rays of the eternal sun. Some of them make it back to the City of Stars with news of their voyage, but all soon perish. (HW)

BC 900: Atruatzin visits Quauhnahuac. (HWR1)

BC 896: First Shadow Elf exploration to the surface world ends in disaster with few survivors. They find only a fiery, deadly, red sun. (GAZ13- note similarity to BC 1000 entry above)

BC 795: Atruatzin completes the Path of the Polymath and achieves Immortality; he joins the Sphere of Matter. (HWR1)

BC 500: The Immortals gather up great numbers of Nithians, those untouched by the evil of Thanatos and Ranivorus, and transplant them to the banks of a great river similar to the River Nithia in the Hollow World. They swiftly rebuild their civilisation. They are near only to the Tanagoro warriors and Jennite riders to the west; they begin on-again, off-again wars against the Tanagoro and Jennites to seize their fertile plains and acquire slaves. (HW)

With the destruction of the Nithians, the Immortal Pflarr, insulted by the Nithians' betrayal, turns his back on the outer world. He turns his attention to the Hollow World Nithians, and sets up a colony of Hutaaka in a sheltered valley of the Hollow World- west of the Brute-Men, north of the Nithians. (HW)

The Immortals also cure and transport remnants of the Malpheggi lizard men race to the Hollow World, placing them in the great swamp between the Azcans and the Oltecs. Both the Azcans and the Schattenalfen find mercenary allies among the Malpheggi. (HW)

Kepher becomes the first Pharaoh of Nithia in the Hollow World. (HWR2)

BC 492: The Immortal Karaash takes pity on a band of particularly valiant orc-warriors led by their chieftain, Krugel. Trapped by dwarves during their assault on Rockhome, surrounded in the Sardal Pass, and in imminent danger of being wiped out, they demonstrate ferocity and gallantry unusual in orc-warriors. Karaash transports them to the Hollow World, to the arid plains north of the Kogolor dwarves. (HW)

BC 450: Krugel, leader of the Hollow World orcs, dies. In his lifetime, he has transformed a couple of hundred followers into a well-trained, well-motivated, well-supplied horde of conquest minded plains riders, who now take his name to honour him. They will be called the Krugel Horde. They continue to attack and sack communities of the Neathar to the west and the Kogolor dwarves to the south. They do not want to conquer lands; they want loot. (HW)

BC 322: A Schattenalfen attack annihilates the southern Azcan city of Axateotl for the seventh, and last, time. (HWR1)

BC 250: The Immortal Korotiku, charmed by the cleverness and ruthlessness of the pirates of Thyatis, transplants several communities of them to the Hollow World, establishing them in equatorial islands not far from the territories settled by the Traldar. He has conceived an interesting experiment for the Hollow World. He's decided that it would be interesting to populate one area of the Hollow World seas with pirates, creating a new culture which is exclusively piratical. (HW)

BC 100: The newly-transplanted Milenians begin to reforge their civilisation along its original lines. Placed on the virgin seacoast far south of the Traldar lands, they have the warlike Tanagoro and Jennite races to their east. They build their empire on the coast and in lands seized from the Tanagoro and Jennites, who become their recurring enemies. (HW)

AC 50: An Alphatian wizard, by magical experimentation with wood-imps and pixies, creates a small humanoid race he calls the Kubitts. They average a foot and a half tall; he gives them their name from an old Milenian word for the measurement a foot and a half. He makes them independent and strong, but when he tries to force them to perform deeds against their wishes, they rise up against him and kill him. The Immortal Vanya, smitten by these diminutive warriors, transplants the entire race to a hidden jungle valley in the Hollow World. (HW)

AC 319: The Battle of Antistis is fought. (HWR3)

AC 322: The Battle of Thessamera is fought. (HWR3)

c. 400-500 AC: The Flamaeker gnomes of Serraine, while test-firing a new steering device for the flying city, accidentally tear off the section of the city housing their clan, and rocket into outer space. They are rescued by the Immortal Garal Glitterlode, who transports them to the Hollow World. There, removed of their memories of the event, they are placed on one of the small floating islands that orbit the Hollow World sun. Eventually, they create a device that will allow them to steer the flight path of their new home. (PWA1010)

AC 422: The Battle of Corisa is fought. (HWR3)

AC 425: Minrothad traders unwittingly introduce lycanthropy to the outer world nation of Sind. Shapeshifters already present in Sindhi society seize the opportunity to ally with the lycanthropes, and begin to take over the nation. Fearing this would irrevocably alter the Sindhi culture, the Immortal Ka transports nearly half of the population to the Hollow World, on an island in the Anathy Archipelago. They name their new nation Shahjapur. (PWA 1011, CoM)

AC 431: The Battle of Philipponia is fought. (HWR3)

AC 442: The Battle of Hierophrastes is fought. (HWR3)

AC 490: Kobolds invade gnomish holdings in the Falun Caverns, in the outer world nation of Soderfjord. In danger of being utterly destroyed, the Immortals transport several of the gnomish clans to the Hollow World. One such clan, the Valoin, is placed upon a tiny island orbiting the Hollow World sun. There, they are free to experiment with their flying gas bags, eventually inventing a device that allows them to steer the course of their flying island. (PWA1010)

c.500 AC: Phaistos is born in the town of Pharos. (HWQ1) Hutaatep, last of the southern Pharaohs of Nithia, rules in Ranak. Upon his assassination, the palace of Turak is sealed. (HWR2)

AC 500: Korotiku now transfers whole pirate villages of Ostlanders to the Hollow World, placing them among the other pirates. Within a few generations, the Ostlanders merge with the other pirates. (HW)

c.527 AC: Phaistos receives a vision from Halav, and makes a pilgrimage to a magical fountain. Upon drinking from the fountain, he becomes the oracle of Halav. (HWQ1)

AC 515: The Battle of Epithon is fought. (HWR3)

AC 535: A fleet of Merry Pirate vessels pillages the town of Pharos. The Imperial Navy of Milenia manages to intercept the pirate fleet, and traps them in narrow waters where they lose the advantage of their speed. The Merry Pirates are destroyed in the Battle of Pharos by the Milenian Navy. (HWR3)

AC 612: The province of Pelai attempts to secede from the Milenian Empire. Outraged, the Emperor and Senate agree to send the full might of the Imperial legions upon the rebels. The secession is quelled at the Battle of Pelai, though anti-imperialist sentiment remains to this day. (HWR3)

c.650 AC: The female king of the Northern Delta in Nithia passes on. There will not be another female king of the region for nearly 350 years. (HWR2)

AC 657: The Battle of Platea is fought. (HWR3)

AC 658: The Battle of Palleas is fought. (HWR3)

AC 659: The Battle of Cythera is fought. (HWR3)

AC 672: Bergeya is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 687: Rollodir is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 700: The Immortal Korotiku adds Hin (halfling) and human pirates from the Ierendi islands to the area he calls the Merry Pirate Seas. (HW)

c. 768 AC: The Blood Brothers, Koresh Teyd and Simm of the Grasping Dark, are created by the dark magicks of a Nithian sorcerer. (HWA3)

AC 772: Catriata is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 778: The steering mechanism that allows the Flamaeker gnomes to control the flight path of their flying island jams, sending it on a collision course through the Hollow World skies. It smashes into the flying island of the Valoin gnomes, inextricably linking the two islands, and destroying the flying mechanisms of both. The new flying continent of Valoin-Flamaeker is forever stuck in its new orbit. (PWA1010)

c.795 AC: The Blood Brethren have managed to bring the Nithian Empire under their control, through the use of powerful magicks. The Nithian Pharaoh himself bows to their will. (HWA3)e

c. 800 AC: The Blood Brethren are forced to flee the Nithian Empire while being pursued by a Nithian mob. They manage to escape to the outer world in the belly of one of Thanatos' annelid burrowers. (HWA3)

AC 800: Caryldian is born. (HWAdv)

AC 814: A massive Schattenalfen invasion is turned back at the Battle of Huixtla. (HWR1)

AC 815: The attempt to carry the war onto the Schattenalfen lands ends in ambush and disaster at the Battle of Wondyviel. (HWR1)

AC 867: Olynthos is born in the town of Demtor. (HWQ1)

AC 883: Olynthos becomes a professional wrestler in the Milenian Empire. Though a talented athlete, he is eventually expelled from the Games for cheating. Disgruntled, he joins the Imperial Army. (HWQ1)

AC 899: Olynthos, now a gifted politician, manages to be elected Senator. He serves several terms before finally being elected Emperor of Milenia. (HWQ1)

AC 900: The Immortal Thanatos begins to spread his influence among the Shahjapurans, through support of such sects as the Kirtanta, a group of assassins. (PWA1010)

AC 902: Bifric is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 920: Eriadna is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 935: Manpac Sun Watcher is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 940: A boatload of refugees from the Stonecarver culture, driven ashore by a titanic hurricane, found the town of Colima. (HWR1)

AC 942: The Azcans defeat the Schattenalfen at the Battle of Ploiec, and are consequently able to maintain the Tepetitlan gold mines. (HWR1)

Chupicuaro is born. (HWR1)

AC 944: Kiuss is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 946: Irila Kaze is born. (HWA3)

AC 947: Amnethon is born. (HWR3)

Strabos is born. (HWR3)

AC 948: Xanthipon is born. (HWQ1)

AC 949: Birth of Moctitlapac, future Tlatoani of the Azcan Empire. (HWR1)

AC 950: Adronius is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 952: Necco the Black is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 954: Kjodar Triudar's Son is born. (PWA 1012)

Al Fatmah Nikita-Ahmed is born. (HWR2)

AC 957: Pythion is born in the city of Dophius. (HWR3)

Caracanomnos is born in the Valley of Night, in the Milenian Empire. (HWQ1)

AC 959: Amnethon becomes the youngest student ever accepted into the Imperial Academy of the Arcane. (HWR3)

c. 960 AC: Permon, future Vizier to Ramose IV, is born. (HWR2)

AC 960: A group of Heldannic Knights, exploring outside of Mystara's Skyshield, discover the northern polar entrance into the Hollow World. After crash-landing in the anti-magical zone around the entrance, they manage to drag their ship through the opening until it is able to fly once more. After exploring the new world, they find and settle a small island in the Anathy Archipelago which they name Stonehaven. (PWA1010)

Strabos' father is killed and his family sold into slavery for the harbouring of a fugitive. (HWR3)

Al Fatmah Nikita-Ahmed is drafted into the army of Nithia. (HWR2)

Djemun, future nomarch of Menkara, is born. (HWR2)

AC 961: Zorok is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 963: The Azcans discover the Stonecarvers at Colima, and send a small troop to wipe them out. The Colimans prevail, however, and maintain their way of life. (HWR1)

Moctitlapac's eldest brother falls down the length of the Pyramid of Atzanteotl, breaking his neck and dying. None suspect it was no accident. (HWR1)

Dogrel is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 965: Haldemar of Haaken, captain of the Princess Ark, enters the Hollow World through the southern polar opening. He and his crew embark on many adventures therein before exiting once more through the southern opening. (Dragon Magazine #161)

AC 966: Jan Hembeek is born. (PWA 1012)

Al-Belak, future king of the Southern Delta of Nithia, is born. (HWR2)

AC 967: After the last of his brothers dies in an "accident", Moctitlapac becomes the single claimant to his father's throne. (HWR1)

Tythus is born in Corisa. (HWR3)

AC 968: Krameos is born into one of the wealthiest families of Milenia. (HWR3)

Malinalxoch, daughter of Moctitlapac, is born. (HWR1)

AC 970: Ramose IV is born. (PWA 1012)

Tibernos is born, in Tyrnus. (HWQ1)

Senkha is born. (HWR2)

AC 971: Ug-Rum is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 972: Moctitlapac is installed as Tlatoani- Emperor of the Azcans. (HWR1)

Anna von Hendriks is born. (PWA 1012)

Dagos is born. (HWR3)

AC 973: Myrina is born to a wealthy family of Corisa. (HWR3)

AC 974: Helentia if born, the daughter of a wealthy Citizen of Corisa. (HWR3)

Hestios is born. (HWQ1)

AC 975: Korolo Togoro is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 977: Raya is born. (PWA 1012)

Amnethon is elevated to the status of High Magus of the Imperial Academy of the Arcane. (HWR3)

AC 978: Heldannic explorers in the Hollow World become aware of the existence of the gnomish nation of Oostdock, on the floating island of Valoin-Flamaeker. They covet the hot-air powered dirigibles of the gnomes, and make efforts to conquer the island. (PWA1010)

Geredek is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 979: Karl Hundkopf is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 980: Adronius is elected Senator. (HWQ1)

The Battle of Tihuantepec is fought, in the Azcan Empire. The Azcan general, Otziltipac distinguishes himself in his defeat of Neathar invaders. (HWR1)

Al Fatmah Nikita-Ahmed joins the medjay (secret police) of Nithia. (HWR2)

AC 98: Zorena, daughter of Zorok, is born. (HWAdv)

AC 982: Azcotica is born. (PWA 1012)

Na-Do is born. (PWA 1012)

Tiradon is born. (PWA 1012)

AC 984: Dagos is initiated into the priesthood of Halav in Corisa. (HWR3)

Tythus' father is assassinated by a political rival. Disgusted, Tythus joins the Imperial Army. (HWR3)

985 AC: Adronius is elected Emperor of Milen. (HWQ1)

Trudar is born. (PWA 1012)

Kano Arrow's-Whisper, son of Queen Doth of High Gobliny, is born. (HWA1)

987 AC: Emperor Adronius and Myrina are married. (HWR3)

Chupicuaro is appointed Huitlaktima Teohuatzin- Atzanteotl's High Priest of Huitlaktima. (HWR1)

Tassia Red-Hair is born. (HWQ1)

Udan Axe-Thrower, son of Queen Doth of High Gobliny, is born. (HWA1)

989 AC: Rathkya is born. (PWA 1012)

990 AC: Krogada the Itchy is born. (PWA 1012)

992 AC: Tythus, now an officer in the Imperial Army, leads a garrison of troops against an invading Jennite army. Despite being outnumbered 2 to 1, Tythus leads his men to victory. (HWR3)

993 AC: Following a series of victories against invading Jennite hordes, Tythus is promoted to the rank of Lord High General of the Imperial Army of Milenia. (HWR3)

994 AC: Kleom is born into slavery in the town of Portos. (HWQ1)

995 AC: Dagos becomes the youngest high priest of Halav in the history of the Milenian Empire. (HWR3)

996 AC: Krameos of Tyrnus is elected Senator. (HWR3)

997 AC: Helentia becomes the youngest high priestess of Milenia in the history of the Milenian Empire. Shortly thereafter, Helentia and Dagos are wedded. (HWR3)

Myrina becomes the leader of the Cult of Matera. She is given the secret nickname of "Matera's Handmaiden." (HWR3)

1000 AC: Haldemar of Haaken returns to the Alphatian Empire with his ship and crew. He meets with Empress Eriadna and informs her of his journey to the Hollow World. Shortly thereafter, she begins to make plans to dig a tunnel down to this new world; the island of Aegos is chosen as the site for the tunnel. (Dragon Magazine #164; WotI)

Tassia Red-Hair is inducted into the order of Halav. (HWQ1)

1,001 AC: Tibernos is elected Senator. (HWQ1)

1,004 AC: A Heldannic skyship arrives at Corisa. Trade negotiations are begun in the Senate, but personalities soon collide. The Milenian leaders realise the Heldanns are bent upon conquering all nations of the Hollow World. Talks end with the skyship impounded and its crew imprisoned. (HWR3)

1,005 AC: The Heldanns brought an invisible menace with them- plague. Thousands of Milenians perish before the disease runs its course. Heldannic spies arrive to investigate the disappearance of the skyship. They find allies among the "Kings of Milenia" and agree to support a revolt. Long sympathetic to the Kings, the people of the city of Pelai revolt, declaring independence from the Empire. Weakened by the plague, imperial forces are driven from the city. (HWR3)

The Immortal Thanatos, working together with his minions the Blood Brothers, attempts to corrupt the Spell of Preservation in the Hollow World. His plans are thwarted by a group of adventurers, aided by the Immortal Asterius, and Thanatos himself loses much of his power and influence among the Immortal hierarchy. (HWA series)*

1,006 AC: Kleom is granted his freedom. He moves to the town of Corisa in search of his mother. (HWQ1)

Backed by a flotilla of Heldannic skyships, the rebel army grows, sacking the city of Laroun and taking the Island of Amora. The Empire nears collapse as minor revolts spring up in other border provinces. However, Emperor Adronius fully recovers from the plague, as does the rest of his massive army. To regain the confidence of his people, Adronius takes to the field of battle himself. Zealous Milenian phalanxes storm the cities of Pelai and Laroun, reclaiming them. The Heldannic flotilla retreats in defeat. (HWR3)

1,007 AC: A year of relative quiet and restoration follows. Though tension remains high among the formerly rebellious provinces, the Milenian Empire is whole once again. (HWR3)

1,009 AC: As a side effect of the doomsday machine of the Brotherhood of the Radiance, the Hollow World's sun is extinguished for one sleep. The people of the Empire panic. Riots, murder, and madness grip Milenia. (HWR3)

During the Sleep of Darkness (as the Milenians term it), Emperor Adronius is slain by a mob while en route to an emergency session of the Senate. (HWQ1)

A Zargosian sorcerer named Caracnomnos appears before the Senate and forces them to elect him Emperor of Milenia or else the Zargosians will not return the sun to the sky. (HWQ1)

Sometime after the Sleep of Darkness, a mysterious new continent appears in the skies of the Hollow World. All attempts to visit this new land are met with failure. (PWA1010)

Hestios travels to the Shrine of Glory and becomes scribe to Phaistos the Oracle. (HWQ1)

1,010 AC: Senator Tibernos of Milenia arranges for a party of adventurers to recover the Milenian Sceptre so that Emperor Adronius can be restored to life. Caracomnos is overthrown, and Adronius is proclaimed Emperor of Milenia once more. (HWQ1)

Abbreviations: CoM = Champions of Mystara boxed set; Dragon = Dragon Magazine (Voyage of the Princess Ark); HW = Hollow World boxed set, HWAdv = Hollow World boxed set (adventure book); HWA1-3= Hollow World Modules (Nightwail, Nightrage, Nightstorm); HWR1= Sons of Azca Gazetteer; HWR2= Kingdom of Nithia Gazetteer; HWR3= Milenian Empire Gazetteer; HWQ1= Milenian Sceptre Module; PWA = Poor Wizard's Almanac.

* Date for this series of modules (the HWA series) is based on the age given for Koriktodeva Raya in HWA3 (28 years old) and the birthdate given for him in the Poor Wizard's Almanacs (977 AC). As the module series probably takes place over several months' time (given the travelling to and from across the Hollow World), a suggested timeframe is to set HWA1: Nightwail and HWA2: Nightrage in 1004 AC, and HWA3: Nightstorm in early 1005 AC. This way, the modules take place around the same time as the beginnings of the Wrath of the Immortals stuff (when things are sufficiently chaotic for Thanatos to make his move), but not too far into things, when Immortal action is really high.