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Prices for Helskir Food

by Jeff Daly

Actually, this could be any seafood place in any area known for seafood in the general area of southern Norwold, the Heldann Protectorates, the Northern Reaches, the Isle of Dawn, and probably most areas of northern Thyatis. Some of the smaller towns of Alphatia's coast might have these prices too...

Prices, again, are listed in the following fashion:

a. Cheap (rural), b. Common (urban), c. Upscale (anything else)

Shrimp Cocktail: a. 2cp, b. 4cp, c. 8cp
Clam Chowder : a. 1cp, b. 2cp, c. 4cp
Crap Soup: a. 1cp, b. 2cp, c. 4cp
Lobster Claws (2): a. 1cp, b. 2cp, c. 4cp
Oysters on the 1/2 shell: a. 2cp, b. 3cp, c. 6cp
Clams/Oysters Casino: a. 2cp, b. 4cp, c. 8cp

Lemon Pepper Catfish: a. 3cp, b. 5cp, c. 10cp
Crab Imperial: a. 4cp, b. 8cp, c. 16cp
Soft Crabs(2): a. 4cp, b. 8cp, c. 16cp
Lobster: a. 4cp, b. 7cp c. 14cp
Broiled Scallops: a. 4cp, b. 8cp, c. 16cp
Salmon, broiled: a. 4cp, b. 8cp, c. 16cp
Flounder: a. 4cp, b. 7cp, c. 14cp
Rockfish: a. 4cp, b. 8cp, c. 16cp

local brew: a. 1cp, b. 2cp, c. 3cp
imported brew: a. 2cp, b. 3cp, c. 4cp
wine: a. 2cp, b. 3cp, c. 4cp

wine(full bottle): Anywhere from 13cp to 37cp.

The crab, are the famous "blue crab" of the southern Norwold region. These are often seasoned with "Great Bay Seasoning", giving them a very distinctive flavour. In the upscale restaurants, the 3-5in crabs are opened and the meat is mixed into a "cake" or some other dish. It is the common taverns that eat them properly however, with mallet, fork, and prying knife to get in past the shell and acquire the delectable meat within. 8 to 10 of these puppies are eaten in a single sitting. Beer is the proper drink to have with crabs.

The price of seafood increases in a country without harbours or fishermen. Easily 2 to 3 times the price for the landlubber kingdoms, depending on the actual distance from the shore.

All of the main dishes are served with a baked potato...or Averoigne "potato fries".

Of course, more exotic fish and crustaceans are served in some of the more rare, upscale places. These can run up to 100 times the price.