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Hollow Moon: Adventure Ideas

by John Calvin

In an attempt to jump start some of the creative juices flowing through my head, I decided to tackle the simple exercise of generating 1-2 line adventure ideas. I may at some point come back to a few of these and develop them further (in fact I have one or two in mind already), but for now I just thought I'd post a few of them. Feel free to contribute if the mood strikes you!

1) Two (unknown to the populace) kopru are playing a deadly game of cat and mouse in order to acquire an ancient artifact now housed in one of the Caklogallinian trade cities. Matters may escalate as the local Fire Time quickly approaches.

2) A crazed mordrigswerg summoner has opened a portal to Maskelyne and now shadow creatures are invading the city. The rift must be closed and the threat stopped. [Summoning is restricted only to places within the Hollow Moon - I figure many creatures are summoned from both Maskelyne and Stygia.]

3) The fabled ruins of Attyx, first city of the pteryx, holds the key for survival of the Trade cities. Unless the PCs can plumb its depths and return with its secrets, the pteryx will cleanse the cities in one of their Purges of terror.

4) An unmanned (or un-spidered) silken windship drifts into the city. What happened to its crew and cargo?

5) A young pteryx is found hurt and alone. Will the PCs help the creature before others of its kind arrive?

Here are some more adventure ideas gleaned from the Albheldri Atlas section.

6) The dead are stirring near Menra, and the PCs are called to put them back to rest. The larger threat however, lies within the fortress of Menra itself, for a small band of Thanatos worshipers have plans to take over the stronghold.

7) Moonquakes shake Haemus island and adventurers are called to investigate before the pteryx become annoyed enough to fly down from their roosts in the Apennines and obliterate the populace. The priestesses fear that something lodged within the crystal firmament beneath the Temple of Silver in Nephtet is the cause of the quakes.

8) Priests of Rathanos have been stirring up trouble and gaining a following at Mount Awiaped. They plan to harness the destructive power during the next Fire Times and use it to destroy the nearby communities at Menra and Anenteph.

9) Someone has stolen one of the legendary Silver Ships, long kept safe at Hetese, and made off with their prize. The PCs must track the culprits through the Hollow Moon and return the stolen artifact to the priestesses.

10) The PCs are tasked with escorting a newly ordained priestess from Tetis to her chosen assignment amongst the Vesper Elves to the south. The journey across the Spindrift Sea is treacherous however, and the PCs must battle adverse conditions as well as a group of Devil Fish who are intent upon sinking their vessel.

11) The Children of the Moon are gathering at Pharis to participate in the Fire Time Games. An entire week of competitions culminates with one hero among the Children being chosen as the winner. The Nephthisian priestesses typically reward the winner with a single wish, but this year a more nefarious competitor is vying for the prize.

Some more ideas inspired by the Aardovai Rilles Atlas entry.

12) Something dark and dangerous is emerging from the Writhing Coils region and the PCs are tasked with finding out exactly what that is (perhaps by the priestess Wanagitaak). The threat is greater than anyone understands. Thanatos has "seeded" the termites of the region with essence of Burrower and is planning to unleash a new horror upon the Hollow Moon.

13) As the Fire Times approach the aardovai hunters prepare for their largest hunt ever. When the new termite queens emerge from their nests the tribes will be able to stock their larders for cycles to come. Unfortunately something is hunting the hunters. A lone ur-carnifex, lost and angry, begins picking off the hunters one by one.

14) A small gnomish steamship has run aground in the crags east of the Mnisukai Camp. Devilfish attacked the vessel, killing all of its crew and leaving the steamship's husk in order to lure others into their trap.

15) The golden idol at the heart of Mount Sotepeta has come to life and is urging the aardovai tribes to unite and go to war with their neighbors. In reality several gnomes have replaced the idol with a clockwork representation under the direction of a crazed mordigswerg dwarf. The band is planning to use the aardovai as their own personal army and are instructing them to raind their neighbors and bring back all plunder as offerings to their insectile god.