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Hollow Moon Timeline

by John Calvin

I thought I'd post a timeline of the Hollow Moon to help us fill in some of the blanks that we still have with the setting. Right now this timeline only lists the dates that the various races travelled to or were transported to the Hollow Moon. More than half of the races are still unknowns... hopefully we can start to piece together more of their histories as we continue discussions.

Dates with ?s after them are assumptions on my part.
??? are unknown dates and are placed at the end of the timeline. As we figure these out I will move them into their appropriate position.
Other dates are all based on a reference from one of Sharon's original articles.

Hollow Moon Timeline

???: Desert Ghosts - The Desert Ghosts were the first inhabitants of the moon.

BC 14000: Ur-Carnifex transported to the Jura Peninsula

BC 12500: Pteryx city of Attyx transported to the Hollow Moon. Colonize the Apennines.

BC 12500: Shovelface trogs placed in Marsh of Putrescence.

???: Cryions - Cryans are not natives of Mystara (they migrate from Matera to Mystara, but did they originate on Matera?)

???: YYY Shark-kin placed in Mare Humorum (this is probably the older and more primitive of the two groups of shark-kin).

BC 7000: Longlegs trogs placed in Marsh of Putrescence.

???: Hsiao placed in southern outland forests.

BC 2200?: Aardovai placed in the Rilles area. Based on other works stating that these early lupins were subjugated by Taymora

BC 2000?: Aran placed on Altai Scarp (sometime after founding of Herath, must be after BC 2000)

BC 1800?: Goblinoids placed in southern outlands forests (maybe multiple events - first starting with the collapse of Urzud)

???: Modrigswerg placed in the Caucases Mountains. (Probably sometime after 1700 BC... maybe much after)

BC 1400?: Schattenalfen transported to the Vesperlands

???: Adhuzan Dominions placed in southern Spindrift Sea to SWPA range.

BC 800?: Shaergarde hin (and possibly Gentle Folk) are placed in the Hollow Moon. (This is probably after the fall of Shaerdon circa BC 800 - if true, then no Gentle Folk).

BC 691: Albheldri colony established on Haemus Isles by Nephthisian and Albarendi immigrants.

BC 500?: Nimmurian manscorpions moved to Sohktar (this probably happened shortly after their curse).

BC 500?: Wallara moved to the Hollow Moon.

BC 400: Pre-Imperial Pateran rakastas placed on Fra Mauro

AC 311: Cynidiceans transported to the Hollow Moon

AC 42: Serraine gnomes travel to Hollow Moon and settle the Taurus Mountains.

AC 451?: Humans and bhuts from Sind transported to the Hollow Moon and form the nation of Vedal

AC 800: Traladarans transported to Hollow Moon near Deslandres and found Toroldorsk.

AC 920?: Graakhalian gnolls transported to Jansen savannas. (This is another guess based on the following reference)

Materan spells wrote: On a more contemporary note, while virtually no one (except a few pirates and Kubbitts) had been transported to the Hollow World, as of the boxed set's publication, since the fall of the Milenian Empire, the Hollow Moon's received "new blood" -- in the form of Toroldorskis, Cacklogallinians, Graakhalians and Ostegos, some of whom brought magical skills or scrolls with them -- as recently as 80 years ago!

???: Cacklogallinia trade cities placed on the S-T Strait.

???: Devil fish placed in Sinus Medii and Mare Vaporum?

???: Margasta tribes placed in the trifold isthmus between Tranquillitatis, Foecunditatis and Nectaris

???: Maskelyne placed in the Hollow Moon

???: Pisachas moved to the Hollow Moon.

???: Quarikka moved to the Hollow Moon.

???: XXX Shark-kin placed in Mare Crysium;

???: Ostegos placed in Stygia region.

Cryions are said to be natives of the Hollow Moon (or at least they did not come from Mystara), but it doesn't quite seem right for them to be inhabitants before the fall of the Ptyrex and Carnifex. I'm not sure about this one - I'll probably have to go back and look at Sharon's original write-up to see if I can find anything more solid.

Mare Humorum shark-kin
I'm thinking that these would have been among the first races subjugated by Adhuza, which could have triggered the preservation of their original culture. As such I think they could be placed in the HM anywhere from BC 14000 (contemporary with the Carnifex) to BC 3000 (pre GRoF).

I'm thinking there could be several different events where goblinoid nations are placed into the HM. This would form the goblinoid equivalent of the Merry Pirates, with all of the different goblinoid cultures interacting to some extent. The first event would probably have been after the collapse of Urzud (in BC 1800), but other events could have followed. BC 1700 (the burying of Loark's Great Hoard). BC 1254 (when Wogar's tribe splits). BC 1000 (defeat of tribes by dwarven king Blystar III). BC 964 (Fall of the realm of Othrong in the Shires).

These aranae resisted their fellows desire to hide in humanoid form, thus the placement of this culture must be around BC 2000 (when the aranea were "driven out" of their ancestral homes by humanoid inhabitants that would become the Herathians). As such this is really a pre-Herathian culture as we know it today.

Looking at some of the member states of Adhuza, we may be able to piece together when they were actually transported to the HM. Labrys appears to be a nation of "modern" minotaurs which didn't exist as such until after BC 2000. Limor are Lhomarrians - this culture could be quite old indeed. Thebit are Nithian descendants which place them sometime after BC 2000 (and probably after BC 1500). Vareinya is composed of Varellyans and based on conversations with Geoff I'd say they were under kopru control between BC 1300 and BC 900.

Based on various conversations we had in the GazH threads, I'd say that these elves were those who lived in Aengmore (during its second founding) and chose not to follow Atzanteotle. This puts their transport to the HM around BC 1400 sometime.