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Houses of Intrigue: Perspectives

by Joaquin Menchaca

As I was running Veiled Society (D&D3e), I notice there is a sort of classic vagueness about why the houses dislike each other, both in the module and also in the Gazetteers. Thus I came up with the following ideas (mentioned below). I was trying to have a redeeming point and also fallacy about each house, so that players can find points that they like or dislike about each house.


Opinions about Torenescu
1. They always flaunt their money
2. They are both pompous and arrogant.
3. They think money will solve everything.
4. These are the type of people that forced us out of Traladara in the first place.
5. Their little exclusive society of elitist have no concern for anyone but themselves.
6. Have little loyalty or concern for the people or the state.
7. They think they can buy anything or anyone.

Opinions about Radu
1. They try to force us out of the market when we refuse to play their game.
2. They want a complete monopoly on trade.
3. They want to force us to pay fealty to them to operate in Specularum and do a honest business.
4. Suspect they are corrupt and use underhanded ways to assert their power.

1. We work hard to get to where we are today.
2. We want to work with the Duke build this kingdom, which will improve the lives of everyone.
3. A successful enterprise will help the nation, and help the people.
4. Whether a man is Traladaran or Thyatian is unimportant. A man is measured by his own merit and honour in his word.


Opinions about Torenescu
1. They are sell outs to the Duke, and will betray anyone to keep their precious power.
2. They care only for themselves.
3. Their elitist cadre see everyone outside their group as meek servants to do their bidding.
4. They exploit the people at any chance without remorse.
5. They live plush lives while people suffer.
6. They sabotage our honest efforts through their elitists connections.

Opinions about Vorloi
1. They use their imperial connections to steal our business that we worked so hard to achieve.
2. They steal our clients and contacts through underhanded means.
3. Sabotaged other trade routes in remote ports through their royal connections or through underhanded means.
4. They assert themselves in the court at the expense of other Traldaran families.
5. Another Thyatian menace that pretends to be with the people and pretends to be Traladaran.

1. We had to work hard, fighting our way to the top in order to get to where we are. Our success was not handed on a silver platter.
2. We are one the of the last remaining houses that concern themselves with the welfare of the people.
3. We oppose Duke's efforts to rob Traladarans of their land through appointed robber Barons.


Opinions about Vorloi
1. They use underhanded means to undermine our influence in the court.
2. They try to steal friends and contacts through their influence with the king and bribery through business opportunities and concessions.
3. These pretenders have little concern for the people except their Thyatian buddies.

Opinions about Radu
1. This family placed themselves in power through thuggish means through extortion, violence, and bribery.
2. Lost many good contacts and friends through earlier struggles.
3. Several assassinations are suspected to be linked to Radu.
4. Excessive wealth doesn't represent civility. A monkey in a dress is still a monkey.
5. The Radu cannot buy their way into nobility.

1. One of the last true houses that can restore Traldaran power and hope.
2. We try to help the peasants have a better life.
3. Don't support the Duke's efforts to build a kingdom on the backs of Traladarans.
4. We have to do what is necessary to survive and await the eventual day Traladarans can achieve The Golden Dream.
5. Only attempt furtive goals, not blind dreams with no chance of success.