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Thyatian Holy Oils

by Jeff Daly

Holy Oils of Thyatis

"A power that exists, except by the consent of the magocracy? Improbable at best.   Take the so-called Korotiku's Oil of Shadows.   What is it, but simply a magical oil? There is no alternate power source at work here. The Immortals are mere puppets on the strings of a specialist mage known as "the priest"."
--Ilyana Radovich, apprentice to Prince Morphail


The oils are special and unique to the temples from whence they originate.   Oils are generated, through secret rites and prayers, at the central base of each religion, and distributed to each of the child temples.   As the oils are only produced during special holy days, robbers are prosecuted to the fullest extent.   Each temple has a reserve amount, which may be presented to heroes, priests, and paladins as a special reward or help for a quest.   Korotiku temples have a unique way of sharing out their oil.

During certain times of the year, each subordinate temple of Korotiku must make an attempt to steal the oil they need from another temple.   The High Priests keep in touch regarding exactly how much oil each temple has, and in the end they see to it the oil is distributed evenly enough.   The temples that do the best job stealing their supply of oil, are considered to gain karma.   Astinius temples also have a unique way of sharing out their oil.

The priests must bargain, haggle, and attempt to swindle the best price from other Astinius temples.   The exact method used to ensure a sufficient distribution are obscure, and perhaps only understood by the upper echelons of the Astinius faith.   The incentive to sell, for the lesser temples, is the ability to purchase nicer goblets, altars, and icons.   A "really good deal" is considered to gain a temple karma.   Karma, for the purposes of this article, has no real meaning.   It is just a measure of that particular temple's belief in its own achievements within its faith.   Perhaps there will be later revelation as to the real benefits of gaining karma.   The other temples simply distribute appropriate supplies as needed.   Each oil lasts for 10 minutes, or the duration of one combat.   Certain times of the year, they can be received by doing service to a temple, and they can be found in treasure, though in the latter's case, the temple would surely appreciate having the likely stolen property returned.   Each vial of the oil is small, and contains only 1 application, no matter the actual amount used.


The Temple of Korotiku

Oil of Shadows:   This oil, properly placed on the eyelids of the recipient, allows a 20% base chance of hiding in shadows to non-thieves, or a bonus of 20% to thieves.   The holidays that surround this oil, are secret, and known only to the faithful.   They are called "Days of the Holy Tea" due to the stock answer given by any one of the faithful when questioned by the authorities.   "Just what is it you do on the holy days of Korotiku?" the town guard asks the believer. "We drink tea."  

The Temple of Astinius

Oil of Bargaining:   This oil is applied to the lips of the faithful, on a certain holiday each year.   Of course, most countries "in the know" just happen to have holidays coinciding with this one, which allow no business to be conducted.   This makes the Astinius holiday largely symbolic. The oil gives a bonus of +3 to all die rolls concerning reaction and bargaining.

The Temple of Vanya

Oil of the Conqueror:   The oil is placed on the back of the faithful's right hand (no matter the actual hand used to draw a weapon).   If the recipient finds himself in a fight, he is able to score a +3 to his hit roll, on any round after striking a successful hit.   Once he misses, he has to score another successful hit to gain the bonus for the following round.   These holidays are marked by exceedingly violent tavern parties.

The Temple of Koryis

Oil of Peace:   This one, simply makes a believer feel exceedingly non-violent.   Adventurers often consider it a "cursed" item, though remove curse and curse detection spells will not work on it.   This is because the oil works exactly as designed, as a BLESSING to followers.   Combat, even to protect one's own life, is not possible when under the influence of this oil.   It is placed on the believer's hands.