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HOPELAND (Protectorate of)

Location: Continent of Brun, southwest of Alpha and northwest of Oceansend, in the valley near the source of the Dragon River. NW

Area: 1,996 sq. mi. (5,170 sq. km.).

Population: 600 humans, 200 orcs.

Languages: Heldannic, Orcish.

Coinage: None.

Taxes: Half of the ore mined in the foothills and half of the crops harvested are given to the dragons and their orcish minions each year.

Government Type: Protectorate subject to the Draconic Kingdom of Wyrmsteeth.

Industries: Agriculture, mining.

Important Figures: Jorkk (Chieftain and Overseer).

Flora and Fauna: The valley is famous for its good grasses and the fertile soil, which produces an abundant crop every year (if the dragons let the farmers harvest it, that is). Rivers with freshwater fish are also another common feature, while the foothills and mountains at the borders provide the dominion with rich ore deposits to mine (although few are precious ores). Common small game can be found in the valley, as well as monstrous species of canines and felines (both small and great). Humanoids and dragons are also a common enough sight.

Further Reading: CM1 Test of the Warlords, previous almanacs.

No description this year. [Arcadius and Adik provided us with basic dominion information, but no insight-watch for more next year. Ed.]