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Horns of Iron Darkness

by Bruce Heard

The horns themselves are made of iron-strength evil, sheer ichor of darkness so to speak. They are created from the souls of fallen beasts, the ones Braatnee defeats on her plane. The souls are woven into these iron horns, producing these black, solid-shadow objects, at the rate of a soul for every pair of horns. In effect, the horns are in some ways "possessing" their hosts when attached to their bodies, in this case Braatnee's warriors. I'll let everyone figure out how much of an influence the horns have one their hosts. This is the only limit to Bratnee's Legion of Darkness -- she must defeat some evil foe to create each of these sets of horns.

When used against one of her warriors, the Hammer of Concussion (that is: the Hammer of the Ram, as it is known among the Kavajan goatlings), ends up being a very deadly weapon. Upon scoring a hit, the malevolent horns are forced off the warrior's head. A somewhat silly image comes to my mind as I write this, but then it is very unfortunate for the hapless warrior who then drops dead, parts of its brain leaking out from the two gaping holes in its head. Warriors of Braatnee are very powerful, all things considered, but this hammer obviously means trouble to them. They will go to great lengths to remove this much hated weapon from the hands of the goatlings (it is fortunate for Braatnee that it has a limited number of charges).