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Mystaran Horoscope

Many Mystaran cultures practice a form of astrology in which every month of the year corresponds to an animal or monster totem (a star sign). Children born under one of the totem signs are expected to acquire personality traits appropriate to that sign. These traits are governed by the child's Ascendance and Influence.

Date of Birth Month Star Sign Traits
1 Nuwmont Manticore Cunning, ardent, brave
2 Vatermont Hydra Shrewd, self-cantered, resourceful
3 Thaumont Centaur Vigorous, strong, generous
4 Flaurmont Basilisk Robust, passionate, domineering
5 Yarthmont Chimera Confident, charismatic, possessive
6 Klarmont Gorgon Reserved, private, studious
7 Felmont Griffon Warm, practical, steadfast
8 Fyrmont Dragon Ambitious, cold, independent
9 Ambyrmont Salamander Calm, practical, miserly
10 Sviftmont Pegasus Enterprising, flighty, imaginative
11 Eirmont Warrior Astute, efficient, courageous
12 Kaldmont Giant Selfish, strong, stubborn

Week Ascendancy Traits
1st Sun Proud, authoritarian, predictable; leans toward Lawful alignment
2nd Land Earthly, steady, rational; leans toward Neutral alignment
3rd Sea Creative, mercurial, unpredictable; leans toward Chaotic alignment
4th Sky Philosophical, versatile, tempestuous; no particular alignment tendency

Time of Day Influence Traits
Sun is up Winds of Law Fortifies lawful temperaments; sways neutral disposition toward good; curbs chaotic personalities
Moon is up Winds of Chaos Undermines lawful tendencies; sways neutral disposition toward chaos; intensifies chaotic behaviour
Both are up Winds of Wisdom Tempers all dispositions with prudence, caution, common sense
Neither are up none Bodes either great luck or hardship for the child

Horoscope for AC 1014

Manticore: The Warrior Star in the House of the Manticore indicates bravery and efficiency are needed to overcome your problems during the year. This may be the best year to take chances for those goals you always dream about. Still, these risks will not be without obstacles or dangers, so be cunning and careful as well. Auspicious Days: Flaurmont 3, Klarmont 6, Klarmont 24. Inauspicious Days: Nuwmont 4, Nuwmont 5, Felmont 14.

Hydra: The Hydra Star in the House of the Hydra indicates that this is your year. This year, especially during the summer months, you will get everything you deserved and have worked so hard for. Be on the lookout for opportunities for advancement, as there will be plenty if you look in the right place. Auspicious Days: Felmont 15, Fyrmont 24, Ambyrmont 3. Inauspicious Days: Nuwmont 7, Vatermont 12, Kaldmont 22.

Centaur: The Gorgon Star in the middle of the Centaur House shows that this year is the time to calm down and relax. Be careful of those who ask for help, as you will become overburdened with too much to do. This is the year for you to do some soul searching and discover just what it is exactly you want to do. Auspicious Days: Yarthmont 15, Ambyrmont 10, Ambyrmont 12. Inauspicious Days: Vatermont 19, Felmont 10, Felmont 25.

Basilisk: The Manticore Star in the House of the Basilisk indicates an increase in wealth and fame. This is your chance to leap into the spotlight and be talked about by bards throughout the land. Be careful who you step on however, as enemies made are likely to last for your entire life. The month of Yarthmont promises romance. Auspicious Days: Vatermont 16, Yarthmont 13, Eirmont 25. Inauspicious Days: Vatermont 17, Flaurmont 1, Sviftmont 12.

Chimera: The Pegasus Star in the House of the Chimera means that there will be much travelling during the year, either for business or pleasure. Klarmont, when Matera eclipses the Pegasus Star, is a dangerous month, and any journey made during that period might be your last. Also beware any place that seems too good to live in; it most likely is. Auspicious Days: Flaurmont 12, Ambyrmont 1, Ambyrmont 2. Inauspicious Days: Klarmont 5, Klarmont 7, Klarmont 8.

Gorgon: The Centaur Star in the House of the Gorgon means that it is time to let out all the feelings that you've been holding inside. Revealing what you think of someone might be the spark you needed for romance to bloom. Be sure to stand on solid ground in matters of importance to you, however, as revealing too much will expose you to those who will try to take advantage of you. Auspicious Days: Thaumont 2, Thaumont 3, Kaldmont 14. Inauspicious Days: Nuwmont 4, Fyrmont 7, Fyrmont 8.

Griffon: The Basilisk Star in the House of the Griffon indicates that there will be many tests to your character and your morals. You will have to be strong to stand up for what you believe in and let no one else dictate how to live your life. Autumn should bring a welcome respite from financial troubles. Auspicious Days: Vatermont 16, Thaumont 13, Ambyrmont 28. Inauspicious Days: Vatermont 17, Vatermont 18, Kaldmont 1.

Dragon: The Giant Star in the House of the Dragon means that this is the year you achieve your dreams. However, the price for them may be dear; be careful who you ignore or offend, as your ambitions and independent streak will likely cost you good friends. In Kaldmont, look for unexpected news involving a family member. Auspicious Days: Felmont 6, Klarmont 25, Sviftmont 3. Inauspicious Days: Nuwmont 7, Vatermont 9, Felmont 11.

Salamander: The Chimera Star in the House of the Salamander will only increase your miserliness and greed. You will find you will go out of your way to acquire things that you might want. Luckily, you'll be able to convince others to help you out as your usual calmness will tell them you are right. Sviftmont is the best time to heal old wounds between you and your friends. Auspicious Days: Vatermont 20, Thaumont 10, Sviftmont 13. Inauspicious Days: Felmont 3, Felmont 4, Eirmont 28.

Pegasus: The Griffon Star in the House of the Pegasus means that it is time to get your head out of the clouds and come back down to earth for a bit. The goals you may have are probably too far out of reach, and to continue to try for them could spell disaster. Also, be on the lookout for someone special whom you've failed to notice for the past year. Auspicious Days: Yarthmont 3, Klarmont 3, Eirmont 27. Inauspicious Days: Nuwmont 1, Klarmont 6, Kaldmont 12.

Warrior: The Griffon Star in the House of the Warrior indicates that a great battle is going to arrive, where if you don't stand your ground, you are liable to lose everything dear to you. Expect a friend to be in trouble sometime at the beginning of the year. Auspicious Days: Flaurmont 23, Flaurmont 24, Ambyrmont 1. Inauspicious Days: Nuwmont 28, Vatermont 28, Thaumont 28.

Giant: The Salamander Star in the House of the Giant shows an increase to your selfish side. On the good note, it also indicates a decrease in your tempers and stubbornness, as you will take a more practical look at things. You will face a test sometime during the summer, and if you accomplish it fast enough, you will receive a great reward. Auspicious Days: Klarmont 23, Felmont 17, Eirmont 12. Inauspicious Days: Thaumont 17, Flaurmont 21, Felmont 16.