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Children of the Horse's Spear

by Marco Fossati

"Imagine an huge charge by more than 50 mounted men, yelling war-cries.... most of them cast their spears towards the opponents and they laugh at the riders moving up their shields to easily block the spears. Suddenly a lot of explosions, powerful balls of silver lights as if the land is all hitted by a lot of lightnings..."

From the work of the Darokinian traveller, Robb Dehenta "5 years in the Plateau"


Just a common spear but it's made of wood and stone.

Secrets of their making

Shamans of the Children of the Horse originally crafted them but Robb Dehenta has noticed even Children of the Bear and of the Elk wield them.
Robb Dehenta states it takes rites lasting for a complete night in order to create the magical spears. In order to purify themselves Shamans must abstain from eating in the previous 5 days and must chant all night. Robb was prohibited to watch to the last part of the ceremony so he couldn't find which spells are used but he reports and old shaman has revealed "imbue with spell ability" and "call lightning" are needed for sure. He writes that in the last part of the ceremony he had heard a lot of thunders but he had seen no lightning, even if it was a cloudless night


They are spears +2 to hit/damage only against magical creatures. When cast towards an opponent, once a day upon command of their wielders, when reaching the targets they transform themselves in a lightning doing 2d8+4 of electrical damage(S.T. allowed). After throwing they return in the hand of the throwers.

Campaign Use

IMC they are rewarded to valorous warriors ad to those who are on dangerous quest.
One of them was gifted by a shaman to one of the PC's for having freed some children (included the shaman's own son) of the tribe from some marauders of the Children of the Tiger