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Immortal candidates after "Fall of Glantri" - Hosadus

by David Knott

Hosadus, the Master, has been working for centuries to become an Immortal in the Sphere of Entropy, and it seems that all he is lacking is one grand conquest to achieve it. Sind was too weak a country to impress his sponsor, but Darokin would have qualified had he been successful. Unfortunately, his attempt to invade Darokin was repulsed, and the natives of Sind are now too restless for him to feel secure enough for another attempt.

However, around AC 1125-1130 the Nucleus of the Spheres has accumulated enough rad force drain that there is another Week of No Magic. Once again the area affected by the Red Curse grows -- the Arm of the Immortals, the Serpent Peninsula, and Hule are now within the affected area. Sind, however, is outside of that area and so is soon able to regain its freedom.

Hosadus now turns his attention to his south and west. For many years the Red Curse discouraged him from attacking the Savage Coast -- but now that he and his people are among those Affected, he has nowhere else to direct his attentions. It does not help matters when Hosadus discovers how to gain the powers of an Inheritor despite the fact that he is already of very high level. Within ten years the Master conquers most of the Savage Coast, and the rest agrees to pay tribute to him.

It is at this point that the Master "dies" suddenly -- actually he is elevated to Immortality, but his sponsor has decided that a struggle for succession among his generals would be amusing and removes him from the scene. For over a century the Savage Coast is wracked by these wars of succession, although every once in a while a new leader (actually Hosadus in a new Mortal Identity) briefly unites several Savage Coast nations.