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Hrissopoli (City-State of)

Location: Continent of Davania, east of Adakkian Mountains, west of Meghala Kimata Plains. DV

Area: Approx. 600 sq. mi. (1,555 sq. km.).

Population: 21,700 (with another 11,000 living on the surrounding farms and villages). Lizard men fleeing events in the Amalur Lowlands have been allowed to settle in the western part of the kingdom.

Languages: Milenian (Hrissopolian dialect), Rakasta.

Coinage: Crown (gp), laurel (sp), shield (cp).

Taxes: Citizens have their total worth assessed every year (Fy. 1), and are taxed 20% of that amount.

Government Type: Monarchy.

Industries: Agriculture (wheat and vegetables), crafts, fishing, mining, sheep.

Important Figures: Katamvos (Khatambe) XXXIX (King), Androsius Tyropolikos (High Priest).

Flora and Fauna: The city of Hrissopoli sits in a grassy valley, whose soils produce ample crops thanks to irrigation and plentiful rivers. Along with the fields of corn, wheat, and potatoes found scattered about, passers-by will notice many varieties of wildflowers, shrubs, and lone trees dotting the hills and mountainsides.

The animals one is likely to encounter here include all manner of grassland wildlife, such as falcons, gazelles, gophers, leopards, snakes, wild horses, and vultures. In the hills one will find many varieties of mountain goat, lynx, and various species of rodent and bird. Also present are scattered orcish tribes in the hills, as well as griffons and hippogriffs.

Further Reading: None.

Last Year's Events: Hrissopoli allowed a whole tribe of lizard men, the Hasstor Tribe, to settle in the western part of the kingdom. It is possible that more refugees come, as reports from the Amalur Lowlands speak of a growing threat in the west that caused such migrations-until maybe the day the threat knocks at the door of the Milenian city-state itself.