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by Valentius

Large Fey
HD : 4d6+4 (18hp)
Initiative : +3
Speed : 30', fly 70' (average)
Armour Class : 15 (+2 Dex, +4 natural, -1 size, touch 11, flat footed 13)
Base Attack/Grapple : +2/+6
Attack : claw +1 melee (1d6)
Full Attack : 2 claws +1 melee (1d6) and bite -4 melee (1d4)
Space/Reach : 10'/5'
Special Attacks : -
Special Qualities : Superior Low Light Vision
Saves : Fortitude +1, Reflexes +6, Will +8
Abilities : Str 11, Dex 14, con 13, wis 18, Int 14, cha 16
Skills : Knowledge (religion, arcana, nature) +9, concentration +8, Spot +11, Diplomacy +10, Spellcraft +9, Move Silently +17.
Feats : Eschew Materials, Extra Turning.
Environment : Temperate and cold forests
Organisation : Group (1-4) or Clan (1-20)
CR : 3
Treasure : only magic
Alignment : Often Lawful Good
Advancement : By character class
Level Adjustment : +4

A giant owl flies above, and lands on a nearby branch. Its golden eyes gleam with wisdom, as it greets you into the forest.

Hsiao are a race of peaceful philosophers, friends of the fey races and the elves. They live in earthen nests hidden in the highest of trees, spending their time meditating and debating. They are very wise and non violent, depending on other forest races for protection.


Hsiao are extremely non violent. They engage in melee only as a last resort, preferring to use their divine spells , and after that withdrawing. They are very wise, and cunning. When casting spells, they will do so in the most cunning way, coordinating their efforts and casting as a group. They prefer memorising spells that aid and enhance allies.

Spells : The Hsiao are devout philosophers of lawful good immortals and beliefs. They are Treated as 4th level clerics, and further levels gained stack with those natural levels. A 5th level hsiao cleric is considered a 9th level cleric. Hsiao clerics choose domains from the following list : Good, Law, Plant, Animal.
Spells per day : 5/4+1/3+1
Spells usually memorised :
0 - create water, purify food and drink, light, detect magic, mending.
1 - Bless, Summon Monster I, Protection from Evil, Magic Weapon.
2 - Resist Energy, Bear's Endurance, Aid.

Divine Affinity (Su) : The Hsiao are natural clerics. They do not need divine focuses to cast their spells.

Superior Low light Vision (Ex) : A Hsiao can see five times as far as a human, in dim light.

Skills : While flying, Hsiao gain a +8 racial bonus to Move Silently (calculated into the stats above).Hsiao receive a +2 racial bonus to spellcraft checks related to divine spells or effects.


Hsiao live in small clans of up to 20 members. Their homes are hidden in the highest trees in the depth of the forest, mostly near other forest dwellers such as elves, centaurs, pixies and treants. They are led by the oldest and wisest among them, frequently a high level cleric.

The Hsiao are different from their fey cousins - they are very ordered and calm, unlike most chaotic or neutral fey. They are the scholars and loremasters of the fey, teaching and advising, and using divine abilities rare among the forest people.

The Hsiao have no hands, and do not write. Their entire culture is oral - they study long and ordered memory poems as other races study books and scrolls.

Hsiao speak sylvan, elf and common, and may know other languages.


Unlike most other races, almost every hsiao advances as a cleric. Being a devout, cleric-philosopher is the norm in their society. Other character classes are very rare. Druids, sorcerers and bards are the most "common" of these rare types.
The martial classes (including monk and rogue), are considered an aberration among hsiao - they expect other races to pursue such violent ways, but not other hsiao.
The fact that the hsiao cannot use most of the equipment presented in the players handbook means that Hsiao with classes that depend on various items are usually very weakened.


- +4 Dex, +3 con, +8 wis, +4 Int, +6 cha
- Size : Large. -1 ac, -1 attacks, -4 hide, +4 grapple, double lifting and carrying limits.
- space/reach : 10'/5'
- base move 30', and 70' fly (average). Hsiao may not fly with medium or heavy loads.
- superior light vision : 5 times human.
- racial hit dice : 4 fey levels. 4d6 HD. +2 bab. saves +1 fortitude, +4 reflex, +4 will.
- racial skills : fey level grant (10+int modifier) skill points per HD. Hsiao class skills are Knowledge (religion, arcana, nature), concentration, Spot, Diplomacy, Spellcraft , Move Silently.
- Feats : fey level grants two feats. No weapon or armour proficiency is gained.
- Natural Weapons : 2 claws (1d6) and 1 bite (1d4)
- +4 natural armour bonus
- Lack of Hands : Hsiao do not have hands. They cannot use weapons or manipulate objects, except lifting or dragging them with their claws. While a Hsiao could carry a potion flask in a claw, it wouldn't be able to open the flask without aid.
- Cleric Levels : Hsiao are considered 4th level clerics, with full class features. They never need to use divine focuses while spellcasting, unless they are a major part of the spell.
- Skill Affinities : +8 racial bonus move silently checks made while flying. +2 racial bonus to spellcraft checks related to divine spells or effects.
- Automatic Languages : Sylvan, Common. Bonus Languages : Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Giant, Draconic.
- Favoured Class : Cleric. Hsiao cleric levels stack with its fey cleric levels.
- Level Adjustment : +4. A 1st level Hsiao character has an ECL of 7.