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History of House Strolojca

by Giampaolo Agosta

The Strolojca family was raised to prominence during the Rebirth of Traladara, when the Banates assumed a stable form under a feudal organization.
The first known ancestor, whose records date to the first Traladaran documents after the introduction of literacy by Thyatian missionaries, Boris iz Strolojca, dates back to the V century, when he was lord (Zhupa) of the village of Strolojca and a vassal of the Veliki Zhupa (count) of Svoga, who in turn was a vassal of the Banate of Halag, the regional power that held at that time the western coast of Traladara.
Boris is mentioned in a list of captains of the Halag army at the end of the First Traladaran War.

The Strolojca family's claim to historical fame dates thirty years later, when Boris' grandson, Vassily Strolojca, took part in the Second Traladaran War.
Where the First War was a defensive battle against the invading armies of the neighbouring Kingdom of Darokin, the Second Traladaran War was an civil war, caused by the consolidation of Traladaran religion in church hierarchies, and the quarrels that ensued between the Church of Traladara, which dominated the central and south-eastern regions of the country, and the "heretical" cults fostered by the nobles of Halag to the west, and Vaion to the north-east.

During the Battle of Stolos' Ford, Vassily Strolojca and his followers, all vassals of Halag, passed to Marilenev's side, leading to the defeat of the "heretics", and the destruction of Old Svoga. Thanks to his key role in the war, Vassily widely improved the family fortunes, and his successors could seat at the Diet of Marilenev and take part in the Traladaran League as autonomous lords.

At the dissolution of the League at the beginning of the VII century, the lords of Strolojca were once more reduced to vassals of the Duchy of Halag, with the rank of Barons, which they held up to the defeat of the army of the Duke of Halag at the hands of the Imperial Legate, Stefan Karameikos I (Stefan the Hermit, the great-grandfather of the current Duke) in 900 AC.

The coastal nobles, under the lead of the Count of Ourosco, tried a last ditch defense, but were finally defeated and forced to surrender by mercenary troops under the leadership of Jan Vandevic, a mercenary captain of Glantrian origins who took a large part of the lands that once were part of the Barony of Strolojca and the County of Ourosco. With Traladara reduced to a Thyatian province, the local nobles were summarily demoted to the rank of landed lords -- the lowest rank in the Thyatian system, though they were allowed to retain part of their ancestral lands.

As Stefan Karameikos III took over Traladara, the noble houses of Halag and Demiatic were destroyed, but the leaders of Strolojca, Ourosco, and Moubotka clans swore fealty to the new ruler, maintaining their rank and lands.

Genealogy of the lords of Strolojca
Boris I ???-416 Died in battle in the First Traladaran War
Vlastimir 416-439 Killed by a werewolf while travelling to the marriage of the son of the Zhup of Ourosco
Vassily I 439-465 Fought in the Second Traladaran War
Boris II 465-487
Anton I 487-493 Died in battle against Mithras V of Darokin in the Third Traladaran War
Vassily II 493-502 Killed by a wereboar during a hunting party
Anton II 502-549 "Anton II the Young", succeeded his father at age 15
Boris III 549-581 "Boris III Chrysostomos", great politician and orator at the Diet of Marilenev
Spassoje I 581-613 First Baron of Strolojca
Viacheslav 613-635
Petr I 635-677 "Petr I the Elder", Viacheslav's brother, died at the age of 88
Spassoje II 677-685 Murdered by a vampire
Petr II 685-710 "Petr II the Avenger", led a vampire hunt
Marek I 710-755 Succeeded to his father while a child, was under the regency of his mother Roxana until 724 AC.
Boris IV 755-783 Died during the destruction of Castle Koriszegy
Vladimir 783-806
Iovan 806-813 A retainer of the Duke of Halag, Uidar the Quick, disappeared mysteriously with his liege
Petr III 813-885 "Petr III the Long-lived", was one year old when his father Iovan disappeared, and remained under the regency of his uncle Boris up to 828 AC
Vladislav 885-900 Died in battle against Stefan Karameikos I
Anton III 900-900 Vladislav's brother, last Baron of Strolojca, died in battle against Jan Vandevic
Marek II 900-937 Lord of Strolojca, murdered by unknown hand at age 46; was under the regency of his mother Katerina up to 906 AC
Barris 937-945 Marek's brother
Marek III 945-961 "Marek III the Meek"
Marius 961-current