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Haunted Tower NPCs

by Håvard

Growk (Gnoll Chieftain)
Growk is a Gnoll from the Gauntlin woods who has lead an expedition into the Gloomfens.

Rak (Gnoll Shaman)
Rak is a Gnoll shaman of Ranivorus, accompanying Growk.

Sir Mathew (Mummy)
Sir Mathew was the captain of Sir Jamesson’s Guard. He is now a mummy.

Sir Jamesson (Spectre)
Sir Jamesson was the founder or the Fighter's Academy. He is now a Spectre, haunting the ruins of the Academy.

Lord Ursus Longmane (8 HD Vampire/ 5th level Magic-User, Chaotic)
Lord Ursus Longmane is a vampire operating out of the Gloomfens. In life he was a magic-user when he was killed by a vampire. Does he have any rightful claim to the title Lord?

Kara (Doppelganger)
Kara is a doppelganger living in Lord Ursus Longmane’s lair. Is she related to Lars Jasse from Melinir somehow?