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Hulean Correspondence 10

by Christian Constantin

Miriestiu, Flaurmont 14, AC 1010

Dear old friend,

Finally, going to the different churches in a quest to get some more information about Hule and the Master wasn't such a good idea. First, I wasn't allowed in their library: you should be a member of the religious corporation (in other words, a priest of that order) to have access to the books. Second, most of the sects' members preferred not to talk about the Master. Even the Temple of Chaos' followers remain silent when asked about the Master. And, third, I have been afraid that, by asking too many questions, I would wake up the suspicion of the Master's agents in Miriestiu. As a matter of fact, I think that I have been followed for a while during today's investigations... Well, a well-placed Invisibility spell can always do a good job.

Out of despair, I was heading back to our small room to ready my belongings when I stopped to help an old beggar with a small piece. At my great surprise, he addressed me in the Slagovich's dialect! Even though he was blind, he had recognised the origin of the given piece. He asked me for news about the city, told me that he came from there years ago in a quest to find an old Traladaran relic, and got wounded while fighting a group of goblins led by a Hulean magic user. But, he told me that the streets were talking to him, and that was quite interesting. He told me that a great peril was waiting to fall on the City-States and that, this time, Hule was to be victorious.

I have been quite afraid by this terrible prophecy. And I beg you, my old friend, if you could send a messenger to my friend in Slagovich and warn them of the risk of an imminent Hulean attack. I have no other way to reach than through your help. I know that you won't fail me and I thank you in advance. I will keep you informed of my future discoveries, but just send me a reply by my instant messenger (just put it in the box I've given you) to tell me if you have been able to find someone to undertake this quest.

Your friend,

Zoran Dragovic