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Hulean Correspondence 12

by Christian Constantin

Prijderel, Flaurmont 28, AC 1010

Dear old friend,

Our escape from the Holy Men in Bulzan was easy, even too easy I would say: we haven't seen one representative of the Empire all along the way. Not even one guard! I am not too sure if we should trust our guests here in Prijderel, they are asking to many questions about us and our destinations. Maybe, after all, are they working with the Master's agents. Our guide, Georghe, has decided to stay with the thieves of Chetniu and I'm now alone with Katerina who seems to share the same worries about Prijderel's underground organisation.

The situation here, at least, is less tense than in Bulzan, we were free to visit the city without having to constantly watch our back. The Huleans here are more discreet than anywhere else in the Converted Lands, we weren't even controlled once. Prijderel is no match to Miriestiu though. It's a dark city where the marks of a more glorious past are slowly disappearing. The Antasynians seems to nurture a hatred of about everybody who isn't Antasynians. We've been told that this sentiment has grown out from the fact that both the Bulzanians and the Monzagians have built their countries out of Antasynian lands.

Even if, at first, Prijderel has a bleak look, it is easy to see that it is a prosperous city. Most of the city live from the revenues coming from the trade and processing of the precious metals found in the Bylot Hills, not so far in the west. In fact, I should admit that I have rarely seen as many jewellers and smiths in any other human cities I have visited. Also, it is surprising that such a remote city may have such a wide array of goods to sell, I suspect that smuggling from the outside world should be quite common in the region.

However, I think that it will be better for us if we leave sooner than later. The city might be interesting, and I might even find one or two things that would help me for my quest for knowledge about the Master. Nevertheless, I wouldn't trust our Antasynian guests for too long. Katerina knows some rebels in northern Monzag. The sooner we'll be there, the more secure I will feel. At least, I am sure that they aren't working for or with the Huleans.

The road between Prijderel and Debredladany, Monzag's capital city, is supposed to be safe for travellers. Katerina's contact with the Monzag rebels won't be too hard to find according to her. Once again, the only thing I could hope for is that we won't be betrayed by the Antasynians.

Your friend,
Zoran Dragovic