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Hulean Correspondence 13

by Christian Constantin

Debredladany, Yarthmont 5, AC 1010

We've been betrayed, I knew that the darn Antasynians weren't to trust! As soon as we have made it to Debredladany, we quickly found out Katerina's contact in the city. What a mistake... We thought that we had been able to deceive the Master's agents' vigilance. Folly! Less than ten minutes after we'd made it to the Monzag rebels' hideout, the place was surrounded by Huleans.

We've been able to escape through a secret door leading to Debredladany's sewers. Unfortunately, we needed to split in two groups and Katerina went with the other. Since then, I'm blindly following the orders of a group of Monzags that I can't even understand. Right now we're hidden in a secret chamber somewhere under the city. I'm writing what could be my last letter, my old friend. I won't give up without a good display of my magic but I know that the Huleans will come in an overwhelming number. Our only hope is that they won't find us. I hope that you will do a good use of the information I have sent you. If you don't receive news from me soon, send some of your students to continue my investigations.

Oh no there they come, I hear the sounds of their boots and their dogs barking, they must be at least 30...