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Hulean Correspondence 8

by Christian Constantin

Ekhva, Flaurmont 6, AC 1010

Dear old friend,

Things aren't going easily around here. The Huleans forces are everywhere. I'm currently hidden in the small village of Ekhva near the frontier with Bulzan. The Master's forces won't let anybody cross the frontier by boat since an Olgarian attack against the Suklujkir Reserve in the Janizary Lands have cost the lives of many goblins. Goblins are everywhere looking for revenge and all the native Olgarians who were travelling with me were taken to an unknown place. I've been able to deal with the goblins with my scarce notion of the Hulean language, but I don't know if this ruse will work against the Holy Men.

A young Bulzanian proposed me to cross the frontier near the ruins of the Castle Venestiu, a haunted place that the goblins avoid by any means. I will try that way tomorrow evening, since I'm not sure how this undercover expedition will work, you will find with this letter some more information that I've learned about the military province of the Janizary Lands. I hope that this won't be the last letter that I'll send you...

Your friend,

Zoran Dragovic