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Hulean Correspondence 9

by Christian Constantin

Miriestiu, Flaurmont 12, AC 1010

Dear old friend,

Once again, the immortals have been with me! With their help and, I should say, thanks mainly to my magic, I and a group of Bulzanians and Olgarians led by my young acolyte have been able to cross the frontier by Castle Venestiu. This wasn't an easy task since the place is really haunted. In fact, the castle's ruins are the lair of a powerful vampire that we have been able to defeat, after many long combats against his own controlled undead. For the first time I saw the terrible greater ubour who was at the service of the Vampire.

I count myself lucky to have survived, since only five of the original group of eight persons have been able to make the trip to Miriestiu. The young Bulzanian, Georghe, who was the first to introduce the alternate road to me proved to be a fierce warrior, even though is young age. Also, I was surprised to see that a Church of Traladara's envoy was with us, she was a powerful ally against the undead. Even better is the fact that Katerina will travel with me to the north, as she must deliver a message to the Kyurduks. The third member of our group, Xhemil, told us that he was returning to Antasyn from a trade mission in Olgar, but I believe that his motives were darker than what he accepted to say; he is also supposed to travel with me until we reach Antasyn. The last member of our small clandestine band, Ion, was more frightened than useful in the combats against the undead, but he knows how to play the lute, which is better than nothing. With them I felt confident enough to described the real purpose of my journey, I hope I haven't made a mistake.

This new orientation of my journey told, I should say that Miriestiu is the nicest city I have ever seen. Even Glantri pales in comparison! You should see the "Corporatie" (corporations) quarter near the Council building, this is a pure wonder of the world. It is all delicate constructions overlooking the Ostrita River falling into the Dinretul River some 75 meters lower. All the city's official buildings are covered with copper dome and the streets of the high city are paved with granite. Of course, all the city isn't that beautiful, the lower city is one of the worst slum that I've ever seen but the overall poverty is eclipsed by the grandeur of the Corporations' Quarter.

Strangely, the Bulzanian society doesn't allow most of its peoples to work independently: they should be part of a corporation to work or else they should be paid a wage by the corporations' members. You could guess that most of them, the "Proscris", live in terrible conditions. But, I have heard of a religious sect that is trying to establish a new system, they want everybody to vote for the Bulzanian council, I'm pretty sure that if they ever win the region will be in total chaos!

Talking about religious sect, the Bulzanian society on this topic is quite fragmented. Numerous religious sects can be found throughout the country, each of which with its own philosophy and its own pantheon. They are all much or less in conflict on against the other as they are all trying to win followers among the Bulzanians. The biggest one is the Agrarian Cult, known here as the Patriarchs' Temple. The Temple of Chaos, the Huleans religion is just one among other recognised and accepted sect. The Church of Traladara was once another recognised Bulzanian sect but, since the troubles in Olgar, it has also been outlawed.

The Bulzanians seem to accept the Master's domination as normal. They say that without him and his troops the country would be a mess. The Bulzanian Council, Bulzan's supreme political body, seem to cooperate totally with the Holy Men, although I have sensed that some delegates, mostly merchants, were dissatisfied with the current orientation of the Master's policies. Also, there are some complaints about the level of taxation needed to finance the occupation armies in Sind.

After some researches, Miriestiu's university has a very impressive library, I must admit that I still don't know what may be the object that keeps the Master at the head of his armies. Maybe the Yavdlom diviner was wrong or maybe this wasn't the good place to find the information I needed. I think about visiting some of the upper city's temples, maybe the religious have some answers.

Your friend,

Zoran Dragovic