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Quotes from Hulean administration

by Christian Constantin

I had some inspiration on recent comments about the UCG and Hule (I don't know why, I haven't read Orwell's 1984 for a while) so here is a compilation of the credos of the three administrative units that I've used in those posts plus some new ones.

"Behind every truth lies Bozdogan"
The Holy Men Ministry of Good Thoughts and Ultimate Happiness
(known elsewhere as the Hulean Ministry of Propaganda and Intelligence)

"There is only one truth and it is the Word of Bozdogan"

The Holy Men Ministry of Rightful Deceit and Given Truth (The Hulean Religious Court)

"For they do not believe in truth we should help other nations see the Light of Bozdogan"

The Holy Men Ministry of Foreign Co-operation and Partnership
(The Hulean Ministry of War and Conquered Territories Administration)

"Wrong thoughts we must expose to the Light of Bozdogan"
The Holy Men Ministry of Popular Education
(Hule's Thought Police)

"The Word of Bozdogan is the measure of our pledge to friendly relations with all the nations of Mystara"
The Holy Men Plenipotentiary Delegations
(Hulean Diplomacy)

"They are our friends for they believe in the sacred Temple"
The Holy Men Ministry of Friendship Between the Peoples
(Hulean Ministry of the Human-Humanoids Relations)

"The Word of the Master is the Will of Bozdogan on Mystara"
The Sanctified Garrison
(The Master's Personal Guard)

"Hule was given to us by Bozdogan, it is our holy duty to make it bloom"
The Holy Men Ministry of Prosperity
(Hulean Tax Collectors and Custom Guards)

"By the Craft we will serve Bozdogan's Will"
The Holy Men Ministry of Art and Culture
(Hulean Ministry of Magic Control and Development)