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Human Races

by Håvard

Oh I remember that one. Since then I have been going back and forth with the categories of humans that should be used. Here is my latest version:

Alasiyans: The population of Ylaruam are mainly Alasiyans. (RW: Arabs)
Alphatians, Cypri: Found in Alphatia, Glantri (Flaems) and on the Isle of Dawn (RW: Dutch) --Flaems and Cypri could be split into two I suppose.
*Alphatians, True: Found in Alphatia ("RW": Melniboneans)
Atruaghin Clansfolk: The population of the Atruaghin Lands (RW: Native Americans)
Darokinians: The population of Darokin (RW: New England colonists)
Ethengars: The population of Ethengar and some parts of Ylaruam and the Principality of Krondahar in Glantri. (RW: Mongolians)
Hattians: The population of the Hattias region of Thyatis, Glantri (Aalbanese) and the upper class of Heldann (RW: Germans)
*Hinterlanders: The population of the Isle of Dawn and the Hinterlands (RW: Celts)
Kerendans: The population of western Thyatis. (RW: Spanish)
Laterans, Anglaise: The population of the Fenswick region of Glantri. (RW: Victorian English)
Laterans, Averoignian: The population of the Principality of Nouvelle Averoigne in Glantri (RW: French)
Laterans, Klantyran: The population of the Principality of Klantyre in Glantri. (RW: Scots)
Makai: The native population of Ierendi (though most people there are immigrants from other groups who have adopted much of Makai culture). (RW: Hawaiians)
Northmen: The population of Ostland, Vestland, Soderfjord, Wendar, Helskir, Heldann and Norwold are mainly Northmen. (RW: Vikings/Scandinavians)
*Nuari: The people of the Pearl Islands.
*Sindhi: One of the two groups living in Sind (RW: Aryan Indians)
*Sindhi, Urduk: One of the two groups living in Sind (RW: Dravidian Indians/Tamils)
Thyatians: Thyatians make up the population of Thyatis, The Glantrian Principality of Caurenze (Caurentians) and the upper classes of Karameikos, as are large parts of the human populations of Minrothad and Ierendi. (RW: Romans/Italians)
*Thothians: The population of Thothia (RW: Egyptians)
Traladarans: The lower class majority of Karameikos. Some are also found in Thyatis, Darokin and Glantri (Boldavians). (RW: Slavs/Romanians)
*Ochaleans: The population of Ochalea (RW: Chinese) -- Could also be listed as "Alphatian, Ochalean
*Utterites: The Utterites are the Albino population of Utter Island in the Kingdom of Ierendi, also known as Aalbarendi. (RW: N/A)
*Cynidiceans: These are the strange folk of the Lost City of Cynidicea. (RW: N/A)

*Refers to a group which is either outside the traditional Known World or is a very minor group. They could be dropped if we want a more narrow approach (space issues etc).

Feel free to make use of this list if you want.

Oh, and I am wondering if it might not be better to instead of using faiths, or perhaps in addition to it, list specific popular Immortals for that race.