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by Beau Yarbrough

Dagger +3

This unpleasant curved dagger is made of a strange reddish metal, lighter and stronger than steel, and the word "hunter" in Nimmurian is engraved into its blade. The dagger is designed to look like a scorpion, with a bronze hilt and cross-piece. The scorpion's outstretched claws form the crosspiece and its body and tail serving as the grip. The sheath is decorated with images of scorpions crawling over skulls. The blade has been sighted in Serraine and, more recently, Karameikos. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

When the wielder says the dagger's name in the original tongue, he or she will sense the direction of the last person wounded by the weapon. The current wielder must also be the person who had done the wounding and the victim must be alive and in range (equal to the wielder's level, cubed, in miles).

The weapon gives no sense as to the distance, and even the direction is not very precise, more "over yonder" than "22 degrees east."

The weapon is not weighted for throwing, and suffers a -1 to hit in such attempts.