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Mogreth in the Hollow World

by Geoff Gander

Would the immortals have saved Mogreth (the Third Empire now) somewhere in the Hollow World? If so, where would you place them?

That's a very good question, and, in working on Selhomarr again, I have been thinking about it.

My initial reaction would be that the Immortals would only have saved Mogreth if the Outer Being-worshipping elements could somehow be purged from its society. Certainly doable (HW Nithia is an example of a successful cleanup) on an Immortal scale. I've already established in the material that there is an undercurrent within Mogrethian society that rejects the Faith, and secretly venerates the Immortals - their patrons would definitely want to protect them. These folk would probably have seized the opportunity, in the dying days of the Second Empire, to rise up and try to take over (possibly spurred by the Immortals). They probably took over a town or two, and the sorcerer kings mustered their armies to wipe out the rebels.

And, in that moment, the great flood happened (just to make things dramatic). The rebels were preparing to die (free, at least), and a great wave of water blotted out the sky. Everything went dark, and then the sky became strangely red...

As far as locations go, HW Mogreth should be far away from the Malpheggi lizard men (to minimise confusion, and because the Malpheggi patron (Ka?) wouldn't want his people corrupted) - a good place would be in the large swampy delta of northern Suridal, a stone's throw from Selhomarr. Needless to say, finding an organised realm of lizard men close to home would stir up the Selhomarrians, as memories of Y'hog bubbled to the surface. For their part, the Mogrethians still have little love of humans (they're still considered animals, or at best fit only to be servants), but they are perhaps a little less brutal about it because they would have depended on the willing co-operation of their slaves to survive during the time before their transfer to the HW. Needless to say, the first encounter would probably have ended in a battle.

Here's the location I was thinking of....